John Cage: Amores

"Dear friends, it has been a long time as we could be together and play music for you. Now we grab this opportunity to bring you music anyway. Please let us share with you the Amores trio by John Cage which was practiced during the pandemic with the guys. Listen to it with love, hopefully we will be together soon. John Cage’s Amores is a four-movement work for prepared piano and the percussion trio. First and last movements feature the piano by itself while the inner two movements focus on toms and woodblocks. This piece is one of the first to be written from Cage’s rhythmic proportious technique. For example, the second movement is composed of ten bar units that are each divided into four sections: 3, 2, 2, 3. This piece is historically important for both percussion and music in general as it marks the beginnings of what would surely become percussion ensemble."

Adam Máros



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