ConcertoNet: Creations Alluring And Alienating

Publikováno: 22.12.2015

Any concert by the extraordinary virtuosi of the S.E.M. Ensemble is a celebration, though I did almost walk out of their performance of John Cages Atlas Eclipticalis several years ago. That was, I am assured by those wiser than myself, my own shortcoming. Artistic Director Petr Kotik may have contentious repertorial choices, but he is a serious and inventive conductor.

As well as most inventive composer. In this long but never long-winded 31st annual holiday concert, I felt a shuddering fear that Mr. Kotiks Reiterations and Variables, the final work of the evening, would be a lengthy homage to his friend and mentor John Cage. Instead, the four blocks of music–works he had composed over the past three months–were fascinating inspirations which ranged over several centuries. >>>

Harry Rolnick


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