All About Jazz: Ostrava Days 2019

Publikováno: 17.1.2020

Na serveru All About Jazz právě vyšla rozsáhlá reportáž Martina Longleyho z Ostravských dnů 2019.
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"The biennial Ostrava Days festival rolled around again, and there's nothing quite like a once-every-two-years event to make time appear to flow even faster than normal. As a moderne composition festival, it is difficult to accurately fix its stylistic placement, although there are returning concerns with free improvisation, electronics, minimalism, vocal music, performance art, marathon presentations and site-specific events. We could say that the chief attitudinal guiding figures of Ostrava Days include John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen / Ives Ensemble, Morton Feldman, Frederic Rzewski, perhaps Steve Reich and Philip Glass, but now Julius Eastman."

Martin Longley, All About Jazz


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