New York Times reviews a recording from Ostrava Days! Ostravská banda plays Roscoe Mitchell

Publikováno: 8.4.2020

Two weeks ago, the new CD of Roscoe Mitchell's music was released on Wide Hive Records (Berkeley, CA), including a recording made in 2017 at Ostrava Days Festival. The orchestra version of the Distant Radio Transmission piece was premiered by Ostravská banda and soloists Roscoe Mitchell (saxophone) and Thomas Buckner (baritone), conducted by Petr Kotík. This new compilation of Mitchell's works has already gained some very positive reviews (New York Times, The New York City Jazz Record). The album can be bought online or at our upcoming events.

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Formed in 2005 as the resident chamber orchestra for the biennial Ostrava Days, Ostravská banda consists of instrumentalists, mostly soloists, from Europe and the US whose primary interest is the performance of contemporary music. For more information about the orchestra click here. You can also read more reviews on this link.

Rehearsal of the piece in Triple Hall Karolina (August 2017). Photo: Martin Popelář

Ostravská banda:
Flute - Daniel Havel, Malgorzata Hlawsa
Oboe - Kamila Moťková, Denisa Bílá
Clarinet - Lukáš Daňhel, Carlos Cordeiro
Bassoon - Stefanie Liedtke, Jan Soukup
French Horn - Monika Čeřovská, Jan Garláthy
Trumpet - Andy Kozar
Trombone - William Lang
Tuba - Gergely Lukács
Percussion - Chris Nappi (solo), Adam Máros, Miklos Holló
Piano - Keiko Shichijo
Harp - Ivana Dohnalová
Violin - Conrad Harris (koncertní mistr), Pauline Kim Harris, Eszter Krulik, Marco Čaňo, David Danel
Viola - Nikolaus Schlierf, Juraj Madari, Liuh Wen Ting
Violoncello - Andrej Gál, Matthias Lorenz, Juho Laitinen
Contrabass - František Výrostko, Juraj Bajús
Thomas Buckner, baritone
James Fei, electronics
Roscoe Mitchell, soprano saxophone
Petr Kotík, conductor



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