NODO festival postponed until the end of August. The online project of the Ostravska banda starts in May!

Publikováno: 22.4.2020

Ostrava, 22 April 2020 - The Ostrava Center for New Music postpones the NODO / New Opera Days Ostrava festival to the last weekend in August. In addition, starting May 1, it is launching a new online project that will contribute premier concerts to keep contemporary music on air.

The Ostrava Center for New Music (OCNM) joins those organizers who have adapted to current world events. The June NODO festival is moving to the last long weekend in August (August 28 - 30). We are relocating performances with artists and artistic teams from the USA and Japan to next year. On the contrary, we are adding one premiere production from Slovakia to this year's program.

NODO 2020:
NODO 2020 will present five performances. In the world premieres we will see operas by Marek Keprt and tandem by Michal Rataj and Katharina Schmitt, a stage performance of the monodrama by Richard Ayres, the Czech premiere of the vocal opera Ana Sokolović and the multi-genre opera Miro Tóth. We firmly hope that we will be able to invite artists from the Central Europe. The sale of season tickets will start on June 15.

The World – Ostravska banda Solos:
OCNM has been launching the online project The World - Ostravska banda Solos since May 1, at During three months, video / audio recordings of solo compositions performed by members of the international Ostravska banda and soloists who have been cooperating with the Ostrava Center for a long time will be published exclusively every Wednesday. Why "The World"? These unique videos will be recorded in twelve countries in Europe and the USA. The recordings will also be available on the Facebook profile and YouTube channel of the OCNM. The project is a contribution to keeping art alive in situations where we cannot meet at traditional concerts and cross borders. The realization of "The World" is made possible thanks to the support of Veronika and Libor Winkler.

Twenty-one artists have so far confirmed their participation in the project. Their videos will be created exclusively for this purpose and will be accompanied by a commentary that each artist accompanies their recording. The program will include music from the 20th and 21st centuries, featuring compositions by Alois Haba, Luciano Berio, Petr Bakla, Isang Yun, John Cage, Klaus Lang, Peter Ablinger, Alvin Curran, Iannis Xenakis or Elliott Sharp or Miro Toth.

The opening of The World - Ostrava band Solos will take place on May 1, artistic director Petr Kotík, who will play the alto flute composition he has just finished. More concerts will be posted every Wednesday on the OCNM website.

Ostrava Center for New Music (OCNM) is a non-profit association that has been continuously performing contemporary music since its founding in 2001. The organization was established for the purpose of organizing the biennial of the Institute and the Ostrava Days Festival. During its almost twenty years of operation, OCNM has founded the mixed chamber choir Canticum Ostrava, the international chamber orchestra Ostravská banda and the international symphony orchestra ONO / Ostrava New Orchestra. He has toured many times abroad, publishing CDs and professional publications. Since 2012, together with the National Theater of Moravia-Silesia, he has been the organizer of the international opera biennial NODO / Days of the New Opera Ostrava. The activities of the association are possible thanks to the continuous support of the statutory city of Ostrava, the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the Moravian-Silesian Region, the Czech-German Fund for the Future and thanks to other institutions, international foundations and private sector support. Special thanks to Veronica and Libor Winkler for their continuous generous help.

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