The World / No. 7

Publikováno: 10.6.2020

As of today's noon, we are launching the seventh video from The World series, online project of Ostrava Center for New Music which aims to support contemporary music in these challenging times. This week we are presenting a video with recordings by Nikolaus Schlierf (DE) who has been a member of Ostravská banda since its inception in 2005. In these original videorecordings, he is going to take part not only as a violist, but also as a composer. Check out the program:

Nikolaus Schlierf:
Roof Truss and Conclusion Created (2020)
Poetic Licence (2020)
100 birthdaysong (2019) 
[for Swantje Tessmann and Juditha Häberlin]
Nikolaus Schlierf, Viola, Recorder, Loop Station, Vocals, Other Instruments
Premiere 2020

You can play the video below, or you can use this link where more information on the whole project and these particular compositions can be found: 




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