The World / No. 10

Publikováno: 1.7.2020

As of today's noon, we are launching the tenth video from The World series, featuring performances by clarinetist Irvin Venyš (CZ), and a cellist Andrej Gál (SK). Two premiere recordings will be complemented by a recording from the Ostrava Days festival. Program:

Jörg Widmann: Fantasie (1993)
Irvin Venyš, Clarinet
Premiere, 2020

Miro Tóth: Havířov (2014, rev. 2019)
Andrej Gál, Violoncello
Premiere, 2020

Pavel Zemek Novák: Quartet - Unisono No. 2 (2006-08)
Irvin Venyš, Clarinet
David Danel, Violin
Nikolaus Schlierf, Viola
Andrej Gál, Violoncello
Ostrava Days 2017

You can play the video below, or you can use this link where more information on the whole project and these particular compositions can be found: 



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