The World / No. 12

Publikováno: 15.7.2020

As of today's noon, we are launching the eleventh video from The World series. The whole today's program belongs to the violinists of ONO - Ostrava New Orchestra. Danielė Brekytė (LT) will present a piece from her compatriot, composer Bronius KutavičiusMaría De Grandy Ruzafa (SP) won't however play the violin this time. In her own composition, she changes them for an electric guitar accompanied by synthesizers and loop station. Program:

Bronius Kutavičius: Andata e ritorno II (2012)
Danielė Brekytė, Violin
Premiere, 2020

María De Grandy Ruzafa: Introspective State #3 (2020)
María De Grandy Ruzafa, Synthesizers, Loop Station, Electric Guitar, MIDI
Premiere, 2020

You can play the video below, or you can use this link where more information on the whole project and these particular compositions can be found: 



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