The World / No. 13

Publikováno: 22.7.2020

As of today's noon, we are launching the eleventh video from The World series. Today's program is all about violins. At first, one of the first member of ONO / Ostrava New Orchestra, a violinist Francesco Facchini (IT) will present another Sequenza by Luciano Berio, this time for solo violin. After that, you can listen to one audio and one video recording made by Conrad Harris, a concert master of Ostravská banda, a long-time collaborator of Petr Kotik and Ostrava Center for New Music and one of the most famous interprets of contemporary music in NYC. In his recordings, music by Petr Bakla and Alvin Lucier can be heard. Program:

Luciano Berio: Sequenza VIII (1976)
Francesco Facchini, Violin
Premiere, 2020

Petr Bakla: Something with something else I (2014)
Conrad Harris, Violin
Premiere, 2020

Alvin Lucier: Tapper (2004)
Conrad Harris, Violin
Premiere, 2020

You can play the video below, or you can use this link where more information on the whole project and these particular compositions can be found: 



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