Ostrava Days 2019 Report has been released!

Publikováno: 14.12.2020

A new edition of the Report is coming out these days! Ostrava Days Reports document in detail the Ostrava Days – Institute and Festival of New Music. Each part contains both a detailed program of the Institute and the Festival, as well as a complete overview of lecturers, guests, residents, orchestras, soloists – in short, all performers who participated in the Ostrava Days. However, the main content of the Report is the transcriptions of selected lectures that were given at the Ostrava Days, and which have so far only been available to participants (residents) of the Institute.

Ostrava Days Report 2019 has 180 pages and provides a unique insight into the functioning of the Ostrava Days. In addition to rich textual documentation, it also includes a number of photos from the past festival biennial. The publication is entirely in English. In the latest issue of the Report, you can find transcriptions of lectures by Petr Bakla, Alvin Curran, Chaya Czernowin, Klaas de Vries and group conversations between Petr Kotík, Frederic Rzewski and Daan Vandewalle on the music education in Europe and the USA.

Ostrava Days Report 2019 can be purchased in both physical and electronic form (in PDF format). All information about the possibility of orders and payments can be found here.

An overview of all Report issues can be found via this link.



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