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Publikováno: 25.5.2021

Ostrava, 25/05/2021 – From 19 to 28 August, 2021 the Ostrava Days Festival will present the music of today in all its breadth and diversity and celebrate 20 years from the first biennial which took place in 2001. The festival is based on direct participation of composers and performers from the Czech Republic and from abroad; informal atmosphere between the performers, guest composers and the audienceparticipation of approximately 200 musicians from Europe and the USA, who work together for 2 weeks in Ostravaon a ten-day showcase of contemporary music with an emphasis on world and Czech premieres; on the participation of orchestras, ensembles, soloists, choir; on a rich programme of concerts, marathons, happenings, one opera and site-specific projects. The festival is preceded by and closely connected with the Ostrava Days Institute for young composers. 

The composer’s work is to create, to compose. Any thoughts about whether the work will enjoy success with the audience have nothing to do with it. Yet still, it is the very audience which decides on the fate of every work of music.

                                                        Petr Kotík, Artistic Director of Ostrava Days

Ostrava Days take place in postindustrial and temple venues, galleries, theatres and in open-air sites. The number of compositions at the festival approaches one hundred and many of them are commissioned by the festival production company Ostrava Centre for New Music (OCNM). Major attention is focused on orchestral compositions. Over the period of ten days, a varied programme of 18 concerts is presented which you will not hear anywhere else.

Ostrava Days are are a celebration of the avant-garde past, the original present and of that which will certainly be of interest to future generations. For two weeks, Ostrava becomes a crossroad of approaches and aesthetics which do not conform to the taste of the listeners and are mutually independent. Ostrava Days are also the site of experiment, searching and inspiration. In the twenty years of its existence, OCNH established three resident ensembles, which will perform this year as well: international orchestra Ostravská banda, international symphonic orchestra ONO – Ostrava New Orchestra and a mixed choir Canticum Ostrava. This year, the festival will collaborate with PKF – Prague Philharmonia for the first time and ensembles from Estonia, Poland, Switzerland, Slovakia will come to Ostrava. Czech guest ensembles will include Brno Contemporary Orchestrafama QCappella Mariana and Czech-Slovakian Dystopic Requiem Quartet will make its very first appearance in the Czech Republic.

The renditions of their compositions will take place in the presence of composers from the USA, Canada, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Slovakia, including Alvin Curran, Raven Chacon, Bernhard Lang, George Lewis, Miya Masaoka, Marc Sabat, Ana Sokolović, Miro Tóth and living legends Frederic Rzewski and Christian WolffCzech composers will be abundantly represented this year: Petr Bakla, Petr Cígler, Milan Guštar, František Chaloupka, Petr Kotík, Luboš Mrkvička, Pavel Z. Novák, Martin Smolka, Jaroslav Šťastný, Lucie Vítková. Compositions of Rudolf KomorousAlvin Lucier, Olga Neuwirth, Phill Niblock, Salvatore Sciarrino, Arash Yazdani, Wolfgang Rihm, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Chiyoko Szlavnics, Iannis Xenakis and dozens of others will be heard.

As concerns conductors, Jiří Rožeň will make his first-time appearance and Roland Kluttig and Ondřej Vrabec will return to the conductor’s rostrum of Ostrava Days after a longer break. Conductors Bruno Ferrandis and Petr Kotík are alreadyregular fixtures of Ostrava Days and Jurij Galatenko will lead the choir and the renditions of vocal compositions. Soloists from London, Lugano, Gent, Bratislava, Budapest, Opava, Graz and other European cities will converge on Ostrava. Virtuoso parts will be performed by Miroslav Beinhauer, Gareth Davis, Hana Kotková, Tamás Pálfalvi, Daan Vandewalle, Ondřej Vrabec and others.

The rarity of this year’s Ostrava Days will be not only the above-standard number of world premieres that will take place at four orchestral concerts, but also an extraordinary evening of microinterval music composed for a sixth-tone harmonium, two music marathons of a total duration of 21 hours, the return of FLUXUS, a generative opera, night solos, sound installations, collaboration with wind ensembles and elementary music schools in an open-air as well as covered setting of two squares. The Minimarathon of Electronic Music will be curated by Ivan Bierhanzl.

Concert schedule:

Thu 19/0Start (Brickhouse), The Coming (Brickhouse), Fri, Sat 20 – 21/0The Long Night: 18 hours – 1080 minutes(Masaryk SquareTheatreCathedral), Sat 21/08 Minimarathon of Electronic Music (Gallery), Sun 22/0Orchestra Opening (Triple Hall), Mon 23/08 Ostravská banda I (Triple Hall), Tue 24/08 Voices in the CathedralThe Prophecy (Cathedral), Wed25/08 Time for Guests (Brickhouse), Thu 26/08 Ostravská banda II (Triple Hall), Fri 27/08 Sound Plasma (Theatre), Black Angels Songs (river bank), Sat 28/8. Last Call (Conservatory), Intonation for Double-Nave (Triple Hall), Orchestra Closing (Triple Hall).

Ticket presale will be launched on 1 June. The price of the festival pass for all concerts of the festival is 850 CZK by 30 June and 950 CZK from 1 July. Discount for students, seniors, disabled (ZTP/P card holders) is 200 CZK from the price of the festival pass. The prices of individual concerts are stated on our website. Tickets can be purchased online in the GoOut network. 

The Ostrava Days Festival is organised with the support of the Statutory City of Ostrava, The Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, The Moravian-Silesian Region, Pro Helvetia and thanks to other institutions, foundations and the support from the private sector. We thank Veronika and Libor Winkler for their continuous generous support of the Ostrava Center for New Music.

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