Big orchestra opening of the Ostrava Days Today!!! Sunday, August 22 / Tripple Hall Karolina

Publikováno: 22.8.2021

Conductors struggle with virtuoso coordination, where each hand leads a different instrumental group… (Lucie Vítková)

I wanted to emphasize the feelings of alienation that every pilgrim experiences on the road… (Todd Tarantino)

I work with a situation where “star” performers play “s” and “against” the backing orchestra (Christian Wolff)

None of the orchestral compositions I have heard in recent years have been more original, more surprising, and at the same time perfectly sound "carved" K (Kyle Gann about the composition Fragment by Petr Kotík)

The author of the text, after which I named my new composition, expresses his concern that machines are evolving faster and will soon surpass our species… (František Chaloupka)

You will hear the compositions of these composers (four of them in the world premiere) if you arrive at the Tripple Hall Karolina for the first orchestral concert of Ostrava Days (August 19 - August 28). They will be performed with great joy, enthusiasm and professionalism by the international orchestra ONO - Ostrava New Orchestra, young European musicians who formed as a residential symphony orchestra of the Ostrava Days in 2017. Five composers, eight soloists, three conductors (Jiří Rožeň, Petr Vrabec and Petr Kotík) and with the large orchestra also the residential chamber orchestra Ostravská banda.



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