The Finale of Ostrava Days 2021. Festival of Infinite Durations and Inexhaustible Inspiration

Publikováno: 27.8.2021

11th biennial Ostrava Days will close on Saturday (August 28) evening. There are 6 more concerts on its program. Bizarre instruments (sixth-note harmonium, gongs immersed in water, amplified fanfrnoch or a saw used as a musical instrument), virtuoso solos of Johannes Wieners (countertenor), Miroslav Beinhauer (harmonium), Ondřej Vrabec (horn), Tamás Pálfalvi (trumpet). The participation of a guest ensemble from Tallinn, Czech-Slovakian Dystopic Requiem Quartet or Prague Philharmonia under the baton of Roland Kluttig. The last two days of the 10-day festival of the music of today, offering concerts of infinite durations and inexhaustible inspiration: Czech and world premieres of sensitive observers of the present world. And the first concert on air: Today at 8 pm, Czech Radio Vltava will broadcast the recording from the orchestral opening. 

Six Concerts in Two Days / The Closing Events of Ostrava Days:

Friday, August 27

4 pm / Jiří Myron Theatre. Young composer from Brooklyn Jordan Dykstra and his composition for drums, piano and electronics which oscillates on the edge of unknown (improvised) and familiar parts. The unknown is inspired by celestial events and cosmic objects which assume their sonic form in the course of the piece’s performance. The interpretation of the piece will combine drums (Miklos Holló) with electronics (Mikuláš Mrva) and the piano played by Kateřina Blažková.

6 pm / Jiří Myron Theatre. Marc Sabat, Gérard Pape, Arash Yazdani and Klaus Lang got inspired by sixth-tone harmonium, a unique musical instrument stored in the Czech Museum of Music. It was built for composer Alois Hába and it is precisely his visionary ideas that served as a precious source of inspiration for these contemporary authors. And so it did for the only concert musician in the world who performs on this instrument: Miroslav Beinhauer. An ensemble from Talinn will also present the works of two Estonian composers. 

9 pm / Saint Wenceslaus Church. The composition Black Angels Songs of Miroslav Tóth will be performed for the very first time in a Catholic church. It is inspired by the work of George Crumb Black Angels which has recently celebrated its 50-year anniversary. The author decided to dedicate the composition to the parents of Egon and Fedor Gál – Vojtěch Gál, who was shot dead on the death march from Sachsenhausen, and Barbora Gálová, who had to raise both sons on her own. 

Saturday, August 28

11 am / Janáček Conservatory. Matinee and simultaneously a Last Call which can be perceived as a kaleidoscope of sorts that presents us at least a partial view of contemporary composition. The program features contemporary works of composers most of which cannot be heard anywhere else than at the Ostrava Days Festival. 

4 pm / Triple Hall Karolina“My music presents new ways of listening to the reality. The world of sounds is conceived as if it were alive, not as a set of data. The ecology of listening therefore bears its fruits, this is a clear example of environmental music.” – says the poetic master of contemporary opera and instrumental music Salvatore Sciarrino. His “water” composition Studi per l’intonazione del mare (Studies for the Tuning of the Sea) will fill the roofed square at the premises of the former power plant with voices, flutes and saxophones. 

6 pm / Triple Hall Karolina. Petr Cígler is the only chemist and molecular designer who composes in the Czech Republic, and one who, on top of that, composes very original works. This time for horn player Ondřej Vrabec and orchestra. Martin Smolka is yet another playful and poetic composer. The program also includes a piece by one of the residents of the Ostrava Days Institute Stephen Morris and a virtuoso concert for the trumpet (Tamás Pálfalvi) of the composer of the year and artist described by Boris Klepal as “Music influencer and creator of exuberant imagination Olga Neuwirth. An author of music who waives colourful films from sounds”. Ostrava Days 2021 will close with the guest performance of Prague Philharmonia conducted by Roland Kluttig. 




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