Brooklyn Rail: The Future of Classical Music? Contemporary Music? New Music?

Publikováno: 14.3.2022

You are most welcome to read a reflection essay written by Petr Kotik about the future of classical music. The article can be found online at Brooklyn Rail Magazine. See an excerpt below:

"Basically, there are two very different ways of making and listening to music. The first is oriented toward entertainment. It stimulates us physically to the point of wanting to move to the rhythm, dance, sing, etc. The other music is contemplative and meditative. The first kind (popular) is self-supporting, often geographically defined, and places great value on commercial success. The second one (classical) is listened to in silence, in spaces closed to outside interference. Its purpose is not to entertain. Instead, it creates the possibility of reaching a meditative state of mind. This music appeals to a limited number of people and depends on patronage for support. It can be successfully performed only by highly trained and well-organized musicians for audiences that are intellectually minded. Here, commercial success is not very important."

Petr Kotik, Brooklyn Rail / read the whole article here >>>



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