Accompanying Events

18:00 Antikvariát a klub Fiducia 
Josef Jařab: Gertrude Stein
Hosted discussion with the prominent Czech Americanist and translator, Josef Jařab, focused on the famous American writer, patroness and modern art collector, Gertrude Stein.
Connected with Master-Pieces (Almost a Lecture), an opera by Petr Kotík.
In Czech

TUESDAY 10. 6. 
18:00 Antikvariát a klub Fiducia
Zdenka Švarcová and Lucie Burešová: Japanese literature and theatre
Hosted discussion with the prominent Czech Japanist and translator, Zdenka Švarcová, and an expert in Japanese dance, Lucie Burešová, not only on Japanese literature and theatre.
Connected with No no miya, an opera by Rudolf Komorous.
In Czech

THURSDAY 19. 6. 
19:00 Nové koupelny (Hlubina, NKP Hlubina) 
Miro Tóth a Michal Paľko: A Tooth for a Tooth
One act video opera for one solist, samples from choir of people from Banská Štiavnica, extensive singer, dulcimer and soprano saxophone… 
Produced by PLATO – platform (for contemporary art in cooperation with Ostrava Center for New Music, Martin Klimeš and Provoz Hlubina

SUNDAY 22. 6. 
10:30 PLATO – platform (for contemporary art) Ostrava 
Apples to Apples
Follow the Conductor and Connect the Notes. Workshop with String Noise (New York)
Good for children and parents of children ages 5-12.



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