Alvin Lucier: Music on a Long Thin Wire (1980)
music installation - composition
Installed by Hauke Harder (Berlin)
official opening on August 23 at 16:00, available during the whole festival

Karlheinz Stockhausen: Gesang der Jünglinge (1955/56)
electronic multichannel composition
official opening on August 23 at 17:30, available during the whole festival


official opening on August 23 at 15:00, available during the whole festival

Virginia Dwan
, is widely known as a legendary art dealer of the 60s and 70s avant-garde. Her famous Dwan Gallery (1959-1972) was a pioneering force for the American movements of Conceptual Art, Minimal Art and Land Art. But little is Dwan known as a filmmaker, film producer and videographer. Each film reveals Dwans personal fascination with repetition and seriality and her continued commitment to exploration of process.

1. James Joyce, Marcel Duchamp, Erik Satie: An Alphabet (1982) TRT: 1:11:43
Conceived and Produced by Virginia Dwan; Directed by Barry Harris

James Joyce, Marcel Duchamp, Erik Satie: An Alphabet was originally commissioned as a radio play for broadcast by Klaus Schöning and Colognes West German Radio (WDR).  Later that same year, Dwan asks Cage to read the play for the film she makes about him. This is the first-part of a 2-part film about John Cage ( part-2 follows Cages reading of … An Alphabet with an interview that Dwan conducts with the author).  As an introductory preface to the play, Cage describes the process of “chance operations” he employs to write his play.

… I used the twenty-six letters of the alphabet and chance operations to locate facing pages of an unabridged dictionary upon which I found the nonsentient beings which are the stage properties of the various scenes…that follow. For the sentient beings, the other actors, I also used the alphabet, but only rarely as a means of finding a person I didn’t know in an encyclopedia.

2. Cage on Cage: An Interview (1982) TRT: 1:07:38
Conceived and Produced by Virginia Dwan;  Directed by Barry Harris

In part-2 of Virginia Dwans film about John Cage, Dwan interviews Cage after his reading of his play ".James Joyce, Marcel Duchamp, Eric Satie: An Alphabet".   This extraordinary exchange provides rare and intimate access to the attitudes, philosophy and political mind of the artist.

3. Reconfiguration: Carl Andre at PS1 (1976) TRT: 39:58
Filmed and Produced by Virginia Dwan

In 1976, at the close of the exhibition "Rooms" at PS1 in Long Island City, New York,  Carl Andre reconfigures the concrete bricks from his uninstalled work to establish a new configuration for the making of Dwans film.  Here Dwan captures the repetitive, arduous, precision process employed by the artist to complete his work.  The same year Dwan makes another video of the artist, Carl Andre: A Video Portrait.

4. Spiral Jetty (1970)  TRT: 32:00
Directed: Robert Smithson

This film, made by the artist, Robert Smithson, with the support of Virgina Dwan, Dwan Gallery & Douglas Christmas, Director, Ace Gallery, (the aforementioned Dwan & Christmas also assisted Smithson financially with the making of the Spiral Jetty), is a poetic and process minded film depicting a "portrait" of his renouned earth work -- The Spiral Jetty, as it juts into the shallows off the shore of Utahs Great Salt Lake. A voice-over by Smithson reveals the evolution of the Spiral Jetty. Sequences filmed in a natural history museum are integrated into the film featuring prehistoric relics that illustrate themes central to Smithsons work. 

in collaboration with Virginia Dwan Collection



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