Pavel Svoboda

SvobodaPavel Svoboda (1975) studied graphic design at Soukromá mistrovská škola uměleckého designu (Private Secondary School of Art Design) and later studied stage design at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and finished a follow-up course in photography at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design (UMPRUM). Since 2000, he has been providing stage design for the director Jiří Heřman and, since 2008, for the playwright and director Katharina Schmitt, collaborating on productions for The National Theatre in Prague, National Theatre Brno, Schlachthaus Theater Bern, Studio Hrdinů, Meet Factory, National Gallery in Prague, NoD, and other theatres in the Czech Republic. His work in opera includes stage designs for The Fall of Arkun by Zdeněk Fibich, Gloriana and Curlew River by Benjamin Britten, Lamenti by Michal Nejtek and Francesco Micieli, and Parsifal by Richard Wagner. For the Struny Podzimu (Strings of Autumn) festival 2013, he provided stage designs for Schubert’s Winter Journey. His stage design for The Flying Dutchman (J. K. Tyl Theatre Pilsen, dir. Jiří Heřman, 2004) won him an Alfréd Radok Award. With the artist collective Kontextual, he takes part in art interventions.



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