Bernhard Lang

Bernhard Lang (born 1957 in Linz, Austria) studied piano at the Bruckner Konservatorium Linz and then moved to Graz to study classical piano, jazz piano, and arranging, as well as philosophy and German philology. He played in many jazz formations, including the Erich Zann Septet. After finishing his piano studies, Lang studied with a variety of teachers. He took courses in composition with Polish composer Andrej Dobrowolsky, who introduced him to the techniques of New Music. Hermann Markus Pressl taught Lang counterpoint and introduced him to the work of Josef Matthias Hauer. In 1998, Lang began teaching classes of his own in music theory, harmony, and counterpoint at the University of Music and Dramatic Arts in Graz, where he has held a professorship in Composition since 2003. In Graz he also met Gösta Neuwirth, who greatly influenced Lang and instructed him in composition for years. Georg Friedrich Haas introduced Lang to microtonal music, and then commissioned him to write a quartertone piece for the Musikprotokoll festival in 1988. In 2006, Lang was the featured artist of the Wien Modern Festival in Vienna. At the Institute for Electronic Music Graz, Lang developed the Loop-Generator and the Visual Loop Generator together with Winfried Ritsch and Thomas Musil. His list of works also includes various sound installations. Lang also performs live as an improviser. Since 2003, he has worked extensively in collaboration with choreographers, such as Xavier Le Roy, Christine Gaigg, and Willi Dorner. Since 1999, Lang main interest has been music theatre, derived from his theory of difference/repetition. For his composing activities he has obtained significant awards (Musikpreis der Stadt Wien 2008, Erste Bank Kompositionspreis 2009). Since 2013, he has worked as guest senior lecturer of composition in Luzern, and last year he was invited to Potsdam within the Mentorenprojekt educational program. 



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