Katalin Károlyi

Born in Hungary, Katalin Károlyi began her
musical studies on the violin before studying singing
with Noëlle Barker and Julia Hamari. She went on to set up
the Studio Versailles Opéra with Rachel Yakar and René
Jacobs. Since then she has concentrated on repertoire
from baroque opera, chamber music and contemporary
music. Katalin Károlyi has sung under the direction of
conductors such as Yehudi Menuhin, William Christie,
 Philippe Herreweghe, Laurence Equilbey, Paul van Nevel, 
Peter Srottner, Bernard Tétu, Roland Hayrabedian, and 
David Robertson. In 2000 György Ligeti composed 
Síppal, dobbal, nádihegedüvel for her and the Amadinda 
Percussion Group which was performed at Ostrava Days
 2009. Since then, she regularly performs at both Ostrava Days and NODO festival.




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