Salvatore Sciarrino

Salvatore Sciarrino (1947) started composing when he was twelve as a self-taught person and held his first public concert in 1962. He found his original musical language — based on an enriched palette of instrumental sounds, extreme dynamic changes, mostly very soft sounds at the edge of silence with suggestive repetitions of several simple characteristic elements — very early. He has written many compositions and for many years he has been among the biggest “stars” of contemporary music. Apart from being author of most of his opera librettos, he has written a rich production of articles, essays, and texts of various genres, some of which have been chosen and collected in Carte da suono (2001). Particularly important is his interdisciplinary book about musical form: Le figure della musica. Da Beethoven a oggi (1998). Festivals Ostrava Days and NODO / New Opera Days Ostrava has presented numerous compositions by Sciarrino, including his operas Infinito nero and La porta della legge.