Lectures at Ostrava Days Institute 2021

Are you wondering what kind of topics you could find out more about at the Ostrava Days Institute 2021? Check out the list of some of the lectures that will be given by lectors and guest composers at OD in August 2021!


Alvin Curran (Rome), Frederic Rzewski (Brussels), Petr Kotik (New York / Ostrava), Christian Wolff (Hannover, USA): Examining History & Present

George Lewis (New York / Berlin): Eight Difficult Steps for New Music. Afro-Modernism: Creolization and Curation

Raven Chacon (Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA): Site-Specific Sound Works. Listening – Seeing: Landscape, Environment, Situation

Ana Sokolović (Montréal): Folklore imaginaire

Miya Masaoka (New York / Berlin): Conditional Sound: Stepping Into a River, Never Hearing the Same Sound Twice

Bernhard Lang (Vienna): Meta-Composition and Non-Composition. A discourse: Meta-Writing / Overwriting

Martin Smolka (Prague / Brno): A Word Versus Music (Striving for a Balance)

Milan Guštar (Prague): Mathematics in Music

Luboš Mrkvička (Prague): The same way and yet differently – consequences of continuous composition

Eric Andersen (Copenhagen): Fluxus – Perspectives & History

Pavel Zemek Novák (Brno): Polyphony of Unison (Hocqueting) and Complexity of Micro-Rhythms



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