Coal Mine Band Stonava

The Coal Mine Band was founded in Stonava in 1908. It was successively attached to the mines of Suchá-Stonava, May the 9th, and Darkov. Since 1979, Jaroslav Šindel has been its artistic director and conductor. The Coal Mine Band is a medium-size brass band; including soloists, it has as many as 50 members. Besides local and national events, it regularly travels to festivals in the Southern Europe (Italy, France, Spain). It also played at the Festival of Asian Orchestras in South Korea (2004). In 2015, the Coal Mine Band has appeared with success at an international festival in Poland, in Havířov at the international meeting of mining cities and villages, at the traditional Magdalene Fair in Stonava, and on the Lavender Corso in Valréas (France).



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