Irena Troupová

The eminent Czech soprano Irena Troupová gained international renown through the historically informed performance of early music. Since the 1990s, when she lived in Berlin, she has performed on stages throughout the whole of Europe, collaborating with T. Hengelbrock, H. Arman, J. Rifkin, the ensemble Orpheon, etc.; in the Czech Republic also with J. Tůma, B. M. Willi, M. Knoblochová, Ensemble Tourbillon, Musica Florea, and many others. She gradually extended her scope to include Romantic and Modern vocal and operatic works. She has performed in concert series of the Prague Symphony Orchestra (FOK), the Czech Philharmonic, the Prague Philharmonia (PKF), and has been a frequent participant of festivals such as Prague Spring, or Janáček May. She collaborates with modern music ensembles (P. Šnajdr’s BCO, BERG Orchestra, Prague Modern, Konvergence, etc.) and contemporary composers – M. Kopelent, J. Dušek, P. Koeszeghy, M. Štědroň, O. Štochl, and others. She is also interested in the music of authors of interwar period (E. Schulhoff, N. von Hannenheim, etc.). Besides her concert and opera activities, Troupová teaches at the JAMU and leads international singing courses.



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