At the Ostrava Days Festival, Ostravská banda will celebrate ten years of its existence!

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The international chamber orchestra Ostravská banda was established by Petr Kotík at the Ostrava Days festival in 2005, for the needs of performing demanding scores of the second half of the 20th and 21st century. Immediately afterwards it became the residency orchestra of this festival. Conrad Harris, a renowned violinist based in New York, is its concertmaster. Besides Ostrava Days, Ostravská banda is also the main „opera“ orchestra of NODO: New Opera Days Ostrava, organized by the Ostrava Center for New Music and the Moravian-Silesian National Theatre since 2012 in both the theatre buildings. Ostravská banda also appears independently outside the two festivals

The members of Ostravská banda are young instrumentalists from Europe and the US (approx. 35 players) specialized on contemporary music interpretation. Besides the orchestra artistic director, Petr Kotík, also conductors like Roland Kluttig, Johannes Kalitzke, Ondřej Vrabec, and Rolf Gupta cooperate with Ostravská banda.

The main quality of this orchestra and its players is their deep interest in contemporary music, perfect mastering of new performing techniques, intense commitment during the rehearsals (the players are able to rehearse as much as 12 hours a day), maximum concentration at the concerts and a friendly and open atmosphere in the orchestra. Each of the Ostravská banda players has his/her solo carrier and the individual players appear both with the orchestra and in the soloist role (Paulin Kim Harris, Irvin Venyš, Andrej Gál, František Výrostko, Daniel Havel, Jan Souček and others). They prove their individual high performing abilities at such as Night Solos (this year within OD on August, 25).

The Ostravská banda repertory consists of the 20th century key works (John Cage, Morton Feldman, György Ligeti, Luigi Nono, Galina Ustwolskaja, Edgard Varèse, Iannis Xenakis and others) and compositions by living composers (Louis Andriessen, Petr Cígler, Petr Kotík, Alvin Lucier, Tristan Murail, Phill Niblock, Salvatore Sciarrino, Wolfgang Rihm, Martin Smolka, Miroslav Srnka, Peter Graham, Petr Bakla or Christian Wolff).

Ostravská banda toured several times (Berlin, Paris, Utrecht, Graz or Madrid) and since 2007 it has regularly performed in New York – the total of 11 concerts (Bohemian National, Hall, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Roulette). In fall 2014, Ostravská banda opened the prestigious Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival in Great Britain. The orchestra has a rich discography and its activities are regularly documented by the Czech Radio and the Czech TV.(

At OD this year, Ostravská banda will present itself at six evenings:

Written about Ostravská banda:
Ostravská banda exceptional and outside any classification... it is incredible that in our country, somebody manages to perform contemporary art music at such a level.
Boris Klepal, Literární noviny (Literary News), May 23, 2013

... The very biggest experience of the entire festival was the engagement of the Ostravská banda international ensemble which supported the entire New Opera Days Ostrava from the orchestra pit. The same way as at the Ostrava New Music Days last year´s biennial, this time again it was proven that the Kotík´s unit plays modern music with a superb commitment and ... it can make an exciting and, in the local context, unique event.
Frank Kuznik, Hospodářské noviny (Business News)/ July 2, 2014

However, the common denominator of all this year [NODO festival] performances, and largely very well prepared ones, is Ostravská banda in the role of the opera orchestra. Its output was almost incredible.
Petr Bakla, HIS Voice / July - August 2014

For the complete festival program see

The ticket sales have started. Pass for all the festival concerts: 650,- CZK. The opening concert in the Triple Hall (Stockhausen - Gruppen): 300,- CZK, students 200,- CZK. All the other festival concerts for a unified price: 100,- CZK.

The Ostrava Days 2015 partners are the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre, PLATO Gallery of the City of Ostrava, Bludný kámen, and the Triple Hall Karolina. We cooperate with the Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava, Janáček Conservatory in Ostrava and Provoz Hlubina.

Ostrava Days can be realized thanks to the stable financial support by the statutory city of Ostrava, the CR Ministry of Culture, the Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne, the Ernst von Siemens Foundation, the International Visegrad Fund  and the Moravian-Silesian region. Support of further subjects is being negotiated.

Ostrava Days are produced by the Ostrava Center for New Music. The information on the particular events of the OD project will be regularly published at its website.



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