Ostrava Days in August 2019 for the Tenth Time!

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18-hour music marathon, Czech and world premieres, Feldman's opera and music for Harley Davidson

Ostrava, February 11, 2019 – New compositions written commissioned by the Festival, participation of composers of the young generation as well as world-famous composers of today, revisiting the beginnings of the avant-garde and extraordinary compositions of recent years, electronic music and sound happenings performed by leading soloists and composers, Ostravská banda chamber orchestra, ONO / Ostrava New Orchestra, Canticum Ostrava choir and foreign ensembles from Canada and Austria. August 22-31 at Triple Hall Karolina, Lower Area Vítkovice, Jiří Myron Theatre, Ostrava Cathedral and Coal Mine Michal.

The anniversary tenth biennial festival Ostrava Days features 12 concerts and one 18-hour music marathon in its programme. The Institute, an international educational platform for composers and performers to develop their skills under the leadership of composers from the entire world (August 12 – 31, 2019), is also a part of the Festival.

"In just under 20 years of intensive work, we have succeeded in bringing Ostrava on the map of notable centers of contemporary music. It is a unique meeting place for musicians, composers and audience members across all generations.- Petr Kotík, Art Director of Ostrava Days

Unveiling of the Programme No. 1

It's going to be a long evening, a challenging night and a good part of the next day on the four stages of the newly renovated Jiří Myron Theatre for the fans of Morton Feldman (five-hour piece For Philip Guston), Alvin Curran (Inner Cities,four-hour excerpt played by pianist Daan Vandewalle), Julius Eastman (Evil Nigger for four grand pianos performed by Joseph Kubera), Terry Riley (famous composition In C performed by Canticum Ostrava with Ostravská banda), Petr Kotík (The Plains of Gordium for six percussionists), Klaase de Vriese (Stringed featuring cimbalom player Jan Rokyta and Doelen Kwartet) or La Monte Young (legendary Composition 1960 #7). Opening Performance Orchestra will pay homage to Phill Niblock. The programme will be further complemented by solos of musicians from the Ostravská banda chamber orchestra performing compositions of renowned as well as emerging composers. The Marathon will start on the car park in front of the theatre and the cathedral with the Concerto for 9 Harley Davidsons, Trumpet and Synthesizer of Dieter Schnebel staged by composer and experimental performer Steffi Weismann. We are releasing the schedule of the Marathon which is bound to keep the listeners awake, nevertheless the premises will also be equipped with camp beds and non-stop refreshment facilities for those who might wish to take a rest and replenish their energy.


August 23 – 24, Jiří Myron Theatre
(in cooperation with  the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre)

1080 minutes
Friday, August 23
5:00 pm Dieter Schnebel / Steffi Weismann: Concerto for 9 Harley Davidsons, Trumpet and Synthesizer
5:30 pm Julius Eastman: Evil Nigger,for four grand pianos
:00 pm Students / OB Solos +
7:30 pm Petr Kotík: The Plains of Gordium, for six percussionists
8:30 pm Klaas de Vries: Stringed, for cimbalom and string quartet
9:30 pm Terry Riley: In C
10:40 pm La Monte Young: Composition 1960 #7

Saturday, August 24
0:00 Alvin Curran: Inner Cities (excerpt)
4:00 am Students / OB Solos +
4:40 am Opening Performance Orchestra: „Homage” – Phill Niblock Four Walls of Sound
6:30 am Morton Feldman: For Philip Guston
11:00 am Brunch: Q&A

The Ostrava Days 2019 Festival will start on Thursday, August 22 with a chamber concert and multimedia contributions of young composers. The Marathon at Jiří Myron Theatre will be followed by Minimarathon of Electronic Music under the dramaturgy of Petr Vrba and Martin Klimeš. Sunday, August 25 will be devoted to a music colloquium (moderated by Boris Klepal) and the first orchestral concert (world premiere of a piece written by Petr Cígler and of great orchestral compositions of Chaya Czernowin, Isabel Mundry, Petr Kotík and others. On Monday, August 26, Ostravská banda will present world premieres of music by Richard Ayres and Christian Wolff, as well as works by Salvator Sciarrino and Frederic Rzewski and young composers of the Institute of Ostrava days. The Tuesday concerts (August 27) will take place at the Cathedral of the Divine Saviour in Ostrava and to round off the evening, the audience will be given the opportunity to participate in the performance of the composition of Yves Klein Symphonie – “Monotone-Silence.”Wednesday, August 28will see the first performance of classic-jazz group Studio Dan from Vienna and the late evening will be devoted to the orchestral programme entitled "Hearing Microtonal" which will offer the Czech premiere of the work of Marc Sabat and the world premiere of Rafael Nassif for tárogató as well as the legendary Diamonds of Alvin Lucier for three orchestras. Thursday, August 29 will bring the guest performance of the famous Quatuor Bozzinifrom Canada and the late night programme is shrouded in mystery of the title Piano Piano Kudu. One of the keenly waited highlights of Ostrava Days will be the opera Neither of American composer Morton Feldman in the guest performance of the Prague Radio Symphonic Orchestra which will also present the new work of Petr Bakla (Friday, August 30) in its world premiere. Two concerts will be closing the festival this year (August 31). To mention but a few closing performances, Michal Rataj will present his new work; a composition of Miroslav Srnka, which has not yet been played in the Czech Republic, will be heard, and a composition of Bernhard Lang DW28 „Loops for Davies”, which was composed for virtuoso clarinetist Gareth L. Davies and received a lot of praise from audiences on European stages, will be performed.

Festival passes and tickets will be available for sale from April 1, 2019.

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