The Joy of Discovering the Not Yet Heard Together

Publikováno: 26.8.2019

The Ostrava Days Festival is halfway through
Premieres of original music of our days in Ostrava until August 31   

Four concert days with more than 30 hours of music have elapsed since the festival of new/and experimental music Ostrava Days started. A plentiful and enthusiastic audience have enjoyed The Long Night (18hour music marathon, featuring, among others, Harley-Davidson motorcycles and Fluxus creations), as well as the Minimarathon of Electronic Musicat Mine Michal or the great Orchestra Opening at the industrial setting of the Karolina Triple Hall, which reached its climax with Bernhard Lang’s Loops for Davis featuring virtuoso bass clarinetist Gareth Davis and the ONO – Ostrava New Orchestra of 80 players. Performers’ tireless work, enormous enthusiasm and zeal for the compositions of today, great, enthusiastic audiences and joy from discovering the not yet heard together – such is the atmosphere currently prevailing at Ostrava Days, a unique festival devoted to the music of the 21st century.

On Tuesday, August 27, the gates of the Cathedral of the Divine Saviour will open to stage the performance of an ensemble, which was formed in 2003 specially for the needs of Ostrava Days – Canticum Ostrava,headed by choirmaster Jurij Galatenko. Along with the compositions of the young generation, Ligeti’s Lux Aeterna or Fantasy for Six Violoncellos by Peter Graham will be heard. Klaus Lang will play the Cathedral organ. A major event will start from 9:30 pm – 40 musicians will perform the symphony Monotone-Silence, the work of the visual artist Yves Klein. After 20 minutes of an urgent five-three chord, sound will give way to 20 minutes of directed silence, which represents an inherent part of this conceptual composition.

On Wednesday, August 28, jazzy Studio Dan from Viennaformed by musicians who also feel very much at home in the genre of contemporary classical music, will make its first appearance in Ostrava. Their concert will be followed up by the Piano Piano Kudunight at the Old Bathrooms of the Hlubina Mine. Headlining this concert will be not only piano virtuoso and composer Frederic Rzewski, but also Alvin Curran, who will play the Yemeni shofar made from the horn of kudu antelope.

Thursday, August 29, will proceed in the name of one of the best string quartets in the field of contemporary music, Quatuor Bozzini from Montreal. They have assembled an original program, featuring compositions of the pioneer of electronic music Magdalena Johanna Beyer, but also the quartet of contemporary Canadian/Serbian composer Ana Sokolović or the composition of Christian Wolff dedicated specially to Bozzini. Slavíková Quartet from Ostrava, which was formed to present the compositions of the new generation of composers, will perform for the very first time.

On Friday, August 30, amazing violin player Hana Kotkováfrom Lugano will make an appearance within the world premiere of the composition of Petr Kotík which was written specially for her. The program of this night will also offer Belgian pianist Daan Vandewallein the composition of Frederic Rzewskiand the Czech premiere of an extremely difficult composition of Miroslav Srnka, currently one of the most famous Czech composers in Europe.

Saturday, August 31, is the last day of the 10th biennial Ostrava Days and will meet its climax with the hour-long opera/non-opera. It will be preceded by an afternoon concert at the Janáček Conservatory named Last Callwhich will present fresh works of the youngest generation of composers. The great symphonic closing starts at 7 pm at the Triple Hall Karolina. For the first time, Ostrava Days will welcome the Prague Radio Symphonic Orchestralead by one of the most respected conductors not only in the field of contemporary classical music, Peter Rundel. In world premiere, the orchestra will perform the composition of Petr Bakla There is an Island Above the City and then Claudia Barainsky, the leading soprano of world's opera scenes, will sing the mystical text of Samuel Beckett in the operaof famous American avantgardist Morton Feldman Neither an extremely intense and urgent work. This extraordinary opera event is handled by the production team of Jiří Nekvasil and David Bazika from the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre. 



The price of the Festival Pass for all concerts is 850 CZK. Students, seniors and handicapped persons are eligible for a discount of 150 CZK from the price of the Festival Pass. The prices of tickets for individual concerts are listed on out website. The tickets can be purchased through the GoOut portal as well.

The Ostrava Days Festival is organized with the support of the Statutory City of Ostrava, The Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, The Moravian-Silesian Region and The Czech-German Future Fund and thanks to other institutions, foundations and the support from the private sector. We thank Libor Winkler for his continuous generous support of the Ostrava Center for New Music. 

The Ostrava Days Festival is organized in cooperation with Triple Hall Karolina, National Moravian-Silesian Theatre, Janáček Conservatory in Ostrava, Provoz Hlubina and Bludný kámen Association.

The Festival is organized by the Ostrava Center for New Music. Information about the festival as well as other projects of the Center are available on the website on facebook.


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