Ostrava Days Approaching its Climax!!!

Publikováno: 30.8.2019

Record-Breaking Turnout Signals a Change,
People Are Hungry for the Music of Today 

Ostrava, August 30 – Two doyens of original and free music, piano virtuoso Frederic Rzewski and his colleague Alvin Curran, who played the kudu horn in Ostrava, were rewarded with intense applause. On Tuesday, organ and orchestra thundered in the cathedral and then silence set in with the conceptual composition of Yves Klein. On Wednesday, jazz and art rock was on the programe of Studio Dan from Vienna. The Thursday night of string quartets, featuring the famous Quatuor Bozini from Montreal, signaled that contemporary music in Ostrava is entering its final days. The concerts started on 22 August and since then, they have been offering a wide spectrum of perspectives on what contemporary music was, is and will be in the future. Listeners from all around the world converge on the Moravian-Silesian metropolis despite the fact Ostrava Days are miles distant from the mainstream.

Last Call – Night @ Opera

Saturday, August 31, 3 pm,Last Callwill present the program of chamber compositions of the Institute residents, half of which will be head in their world premiere. At the Janáček Conservatory, we will offer a probe into the minds of young composers, who hail from various parts of the world: from Canada, across Peru and all the way to China. It is the last call, the last chance to show one's part in the kaleidoscope of approaches.

Sunday, August 31, 7 pm – The closing concert of Ostrava Days featuring Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra for the very first time in the history of the festival. Prague composer Petr Baklawrote a composition There Is an Island Above the City, which is inspired by a place of pilgrimage – a place we repeatedly want to return to without any practical need. Many people are familiar with the exchange between Morton Feldman and Samuel Beckett, which lead to the creation of the only „operatic“ work Neither of the American avantgardist.Both hated opera. The several lines of text which Beckett finally wrote on a postcard to Feldman can be seen on a giant screen in Triple Hall Karolina and will be sung in high-pitched and fragile tones by opera star Claudia Barainsky. She was handpicked for this role by Peter Rundel who will conduct this work teeming with poetry. Wits production team composed of Jiří Nekvasil and David Bazika, as well as one of the most well-known Czech poets Petr Hruška and his brother Pavel, the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre will also join hands in the organization of this opera night at the industrial Triple Hall Karolina.


The prices of tickets for individual concerts are listed on out website. The tickets can be purchased through the GoOut portal as well.

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The Ostrava Days Festival is organized in cooperation with Triple Hall Karolina, National Moravian-Silesian Theatre, Janáček Conservatory in Ostrava, Provoz Hlubina and Bludný kámen Association.

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