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Publikováno: 15.6.2020

Ostrava, June 15, 2020 - The NODO Festival will be held in Ostrava on new dates on the last weekend of August (28-30th, 2020). Today we are launching the presale of both festival passes and tickets for individual performances on the GoOut network.

NODO 2020 will present five opera productions. Among them will be the operas of Marek Keprt and of the duo Michal Rataj and Katharina Schmitt, both presented in the world premiere, the scenic production of the monodrama of Richard Ayres followed by a vocal opera of Ana Sokolović and a multi-genre opera of Miro Tóth which will be shown in their Czech premiere. The festival will occupy both buildings of the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre and will move for one day to the Lower Vítkovice Area. We will welcome artists from Europe and from various places across the Czech Republic in Ostrava. The international Ostravská banda orchestra will assume the role of the opera orchestra. The presentation of production teams from the USA and Japan is postponed to the next year due to the ban on travelling of persons outside the EU.

The festival will start on Friday, August 28, at the Antonín Dvořák Theatre with the world premiere of the chamber anti-opera of Marek Keprt Hibiki, Hibiki, vzhmoť! (2020) which will stimulate not only listeners' hearing, but also their taste and smell perception. Japanese whisky will be starring in the title role. “For the right tasting of Hibiki, it is essential to apply certain proverbs or sayings.” The production team from Prague will be led by Petr Odo Macháček. Prepared in collaboration with the Damian Ensemble.

The evening's program will continue with the chamber opera Wedding (2011) of Serbian composer Ana Sokolović based in Montreal. In it, she returns home to a Serbian village and brings to life the traditions of prenuptial preparations. This purely vocal work will be performed in the rendition of Yurij Galatenko by six singers from the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre headed by the bride Markéta Schaffartzik. Direction and stage design by Jiří Nekvasil and David Bazika.

On Saturday, August 29, the festival will move to the Lower Vítkovice area, specifically to the premises of the BrickHouse and the Compress Hall. The first of these venues will be the site of the world premiere of musical theatre of Michal Rataj and Katharina Schmitt The Aphasia Studies (2020) for mezzo-soprano (Katalin Károlyi) violoncello (Andrej Gál) and female vocal quartet (Tiburtina Ensemble), live electronics and one actress (Ivana Uhlířová). The authors are concerned with the exploration of voice as an essential element of identity. The question “Who speaks?” is just as important for them as the question “Who cannot speak?” i.e. who cannot be heard.

Afterwards, the nearby Compress Hall will turn into the venue of a multi-genre opera Man in a Space Suit (2019) of Slovakian composer Miro Tóth which is a loose rendition of a story of an American astronaut with Slovakian roots and his return to the desolate planet Earth. A highly current subject matter rendered in an original way posing questions of the meaning of our existence. Music and story by Miroslav Tóth, direction and light design by Jan Komárek.

On Sunday, August 30,composer Richard Ayres will return to Ostrava to present his monodrama No. 50 (The Garden) (2018). A comical story of a disgruntled man who wants to reach the centre of the earth from his garden in order to find the underworld and then searches for the way to heaven only to find himself in his garden again will unfold on the stage of the Jiří Myron Theatre. Bass Joshua Bloom will take up the role of the solo singer. Staging concept by Jiří Nekvasil and David Bazika.



Our mission is to initiate the creation of the music of today and to present it. These are new works which have not been tested by time yet, which exude energy and vitality of artists' efforts and which strive to attain “beauty”. Artistic director of Ostrava Center for New Music Petr Kotík meditates on the fulfilment of this mission:

“'Beauty' is the economy of frugality. That which is beautiful does not have a single trace of superfluity – we will not find anything in it that would not pertain to it. It does not contain a single, even the smallest part, which would not be necessary. Avoiding such useless elements lies in the essence of every creative process (the reason why imitations fail is precisely because they are useless).The inability to economize transforms art production into kitsch. Kitsch is a decoration overflowing with useless elements and is often admired as an expression of beauty. And it is precisely this type of 'beauty’ that initially produces in the real artwork the impression of 'ugliness'."

NODO 2020 Festival Passes and Tickets: Tickets are available online through the GoOut network.

FESTIVAL PASS: 650/350 CZK* (available here)
INDIVIDUAL TICKETS (no discount option): 200 CZK

28/08 | Hibiki, Hibiki, vzhmoť!
28/08 | Wedding
29/08 | Aphasia Studies
29/08 | Man in a Space Suit
30/08 | No. 50 (Garden) 

* The discount for ISIC/ITIC holders (students, teachers), ZTP/P (severe health disability) card holders and seniors is provided only for the festival pass which offers entry to all festival events.

The NODO/New Opera Days Ostrava festival is organized with the support of the Statutory City of Ostrava, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Moravian-Silesian Region and Czech-German Future Fund and thanks to other institutions, foundations and the support from the private sector. We thank Mr. Libor Winkler for his continuous generous support of Ostrava Center for New Music. The main media partner of the festival is Czech Radio Vltava, the general media partner is Czech Television.

NODO/New Opera Days Ostrava 2020 is co-produced by Ostrava Center for New Music and the National Moravian Silesian Theatre in cooperation with the Lower Vítkovice Area.

Additional information are available on our website and on facebook.

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