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The NODO Festival Presents Monument of Contemporary Music Theater. Luigi Nono: Prometeo

Ostrava / New York, May 26, 2022 ▸▸▸ The biennial festival NODO 2022 / New Opera Days Ostrava presents eight world and Czech premieres of musical theater. The festival will open with the opera Superflumina by Salvatore Sciarrino. It's libretto is based on a novel by Elizabeth Smart and deals with issues of homelessness, loneliness and abandonment. The protagonist of is a homeless woman, who becomes lost and suffers through a painful night. The leading role will be sung by the mezzosoprano Anna Radziejewska, Sciarrino's frequent collaborator, who excelled at NODO 2018 in the opera Luci mie traditrici by Sciarrino. NODO 2022 includes seven additional productions, and will culminate with the performance of Luigi Nono’s PrometeoThe Tragedy of Listening. This monumental composition by the most significant and influential Italian composer of the 20th century includes four orchestras with two conductors, a choir, scores of instrumental and vocal soloists, narrators and extensive electronics. Performed on eight differently elevated stages, Prometeo will take place in the majestic space of the Triple-Hall Karolina, located in the center of Ostrava. 

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NODO 2022: Contemporary Opera Festival in Ostrava. Tickets Available!

Ostrava, April 14, 2022 ▸▸▸ Here come the latest news about the program of this year’s NODO; festival passes and tickets for individual shows are already on sale! The 6th NODO biennial will feature both full-length contemporary operas and new, genre-bending experimental performances by composers ranging from avant-garde “classics” to exponents of the youngest generation:  Salvatore Sciarrino, Luigi Nono, Petr Kotík, Matouš Hejl, Miroslav Tóth, Judith Berkson, James Layton and Lucie Páchová. Ostrava will welcome singers from both USA and Europe; creative teams from Poland, Germany, Slovakia and the Czech Republic will join forces with Yurii Galatenko’s Canticum Ostrava choir and two orchestras, Ostravská banda and ONO – Ostrava New Orchestra. The festival, organized in partnership with The National Moravian-Silesian Theater and – for the first time this year – Conservatorio di Musica di Vicenza “Arrigo Pedrollo”, will take place at various venues including both National Moravian-Silesian Theater’s buildings.

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Toward New Opera in Ostrava

Ostrava, March 8, 2022 ▸▸▸ The NODO Biennial / Days of the New Opera Ostrava – a unique continuous showcase of the new opera in the Czech Republic – will offer opera works and vocal performances by eight composers: Luigi Nono, Salvatore Sciarrino, Petr Kotík, Matouš Hejl, Miroslav Tóth, Judith Berkson, James Layton, and Lucie Páchová. Performed by solo singers and conductors from Europe and the USAproduction teams from Poland, Germany, Slovakia and from us (the Czech Republic); choir Canticum Ostrava led by Yurii Galatenko and orchestras Ostravská banda and ONO / Ostrava New Orchestra. Ten years after its founding, the NODO festival demonstrates the power of artistic expression in contemporary opera. The festival is also committed to performing works by artists across generations who are working to interrogate questions of meaning and existence in the contemporary age. 

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