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The NODO Biennial / Days of the New Opera Ostrava - a unique continuous showcase of the new opera in the Czech Republic - will offer opera works and vocal performances by eight composers: Luigi Nono, Salvatore Sciarrino, Petr Kotík, Matouš Hejl, Miroslav Tóth, Judith Berkson, James Layton, and Lucie Páchová. Performed by solo singers and conductors from Europe and the USA, production teams from Poland, Germany, Slovakia and from us; choir Canticum Ostrava led by Yurii Galatenko and orchestras Ostravská banda and ONO / Ostrava New Orchestra. Ten years after its founding, the NODO festival demonstrates the power of artistic expression in contemporary opera. The festival is also committed to performing works by artists across generations who are working to interrogate questions of meaning and existence in the contemporary age.

Saturday, June 25 Opening with the opera Superflumina (2010) by Salvatore Sciarrino (1947) .

"Loneliness is nothing but the surface of abandonment. It causes even deeper scars, invisible, whose traces have disappeared: such a cry can awaken in any of us at any moment.” A production from the Polish team of director Pia Partum, and conductor Lilianna KrychAnna Radziejewska leads the production in the central role as a homeless woman. The author of the libretto is Salvatore Sciarrino. Czech premiere.

Sunday, June 26 The operatic debut of the composer Matouš Hejl (1989) - a feature-length stage work Phantoms (2021–22). "Based on Ibsen’s play by the same namethis operatic work deals with the themes of dishonesty, fear, convention, hypocrisy, and euthanasia. The subject matter contained in this work is just as shocking and moving today as it was when Ibsen first penned the work." Director Jan Nebeský, composer Matouš Hejl, and librettist Lucie Trmíková offer new and unexpected possibilities with their operatic interpretation of this supremely naturalistic play. Commision of the festival.

Monday, June 27 Petr Kotík (1942) and his iconic, monumental work Many Many Women (1975–78). A musical composition that lasts almost six hours without interruption requires a different apporach towards preparation and performance than a composition of common dimensions. In addition to technical and musical mastery, it creates an element of chance in the execution of a never-ending adventure. American critic and publicist Richard Kostelanetz: "Kotík's composition Many Many Women is - like the text of the same name by Getrude Stein - a masterpiece, which I have appreciated many times since then." Stage realization Jiří Nekvasil and David Bazika.

Tuesday, June 28 Three chamber operas / three world premieres / three commisions of the NODO festival.

New York composer Judith Berkson (1977), Partial Memories: "As time moves away from our past and history obscures what we have left behind, we are left with 'Partial Memories.' London composer James Layton (1996), saudade. "The themes are the inevitable persistence of memory, the feeling of loss and the ritual accumulation of personal tragedy through compulsive repetitive action." Brno artist Lucie Páchová (1988), Approximate - this opera plays with the habits of our perception. The performance is directed by Marek David and Viktorie Vášová.

Wednesday, June 29 Palkovice Ski Slope near Ostrava and Miroslav Tóth's world premiere of Nulanus (2020–21). An experimental opera developing variations on the theme of artificial intelligence, life in space and the future of our civilization, is directed by Pasi Mäkelä. (Sports shoes required.)

Thursday, June 30 Musical and theatrical opus by Luigi Nono Prometeo. Tragedia dell’ascolto. The NODO 2022 biennial will be closed by this sound-spatial monument, which is considered one of the highlights of the post-war musical theater. Nono's work Prometeo is considered one of the highlights of post-war musical theater. Nono's music created an arrangement of unheard, disturbing and moving planes in him, which often borders on silence. Live electronics play a pivotal role in the work. Prometeo represents the culmination of Nono's artistic work, where he asks about the meaning and purpose of art. Nono's Tragedy of the Hearing will be performed in collaboration with Luca Richelli's technical team. Stage realization Jiří Nekvasil and David Bazika. The inclusion of Prometeo in the program promises a true musical-spatial experience and at the same time is a huge stimulus to explore one of the most avant-garde and very radical composers of the 20th century.

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NODO / Days of New Opera Ostrava is organized by the Ostrava Center for New Music and the National Moravian-Silesian Theater.


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