The World of OB

28.8.2017, 18:00, Triple Hall Karolina

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Kate Soper, Soprano (New York)
Thomas Buckner, Voice (New York)
Daniel Costello, French Horn (Dessau)
Daan Vandewalle, Piano (Gent)
Ostravská banda
Carl Bettendorf, Conductor (New York)
Bruno Ferrandis, Conductor (Paris)
Petr Kotík, Conductor (Ostrava/New York)
Joseph Trafton, Conductor (Mannheim)

George Lewis, Trombone (New York)
Roscoe Mitchell, Saxophone (Oakland, CA)
Muhal Richard Abrams, Piano (New York)

Ben Richter*: Orrorin Keen (2017)
Roscoe Mitchell: Distant Radio Transmission (2014)
Christian Wolff: 5 Songs (2016-17)
Muhal Richard Abrams: Trio Things (2016)
George Lewis: Anthem (2011)
Marc Sabat: Lying in the Grass, River and Clouds (2012)
Matouš Hejl*: anamnesis (2016)
Petr Bakla: Summer Work (2016) / world premiere
Richard Ayres: No. 36 NONcerto for Horn (2002)
AACM Trio: Improvisation

*residents of Ostrava Days 2017 Institute and Festival

subject to change