Radical Past

30.8.2017, 20:00, Antonín Dvořák Theatre

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ONO - Ostrava New Orchestra
Ostravská banda
Christopher Butterfield, Performer (Victoria, B.C.)
Owen Underhill, Performer (Vancouver)
Joseph Kubera, Piano (New York)
Bruno Ferrandis, Conductor (Paris)
Petr Kotík, Conductor (Ostrava/New York)

Charles Ives: Central Park in the Dark (1906)
Morton Feldman: 
Structures (1962)
Petr Kotík: Music for 3 (1964)
Richard Strauss:
 Metamorphosen (1945)
Rudolf Komorous: Olympia (1964)
Philip Glass: Two Pages (1968)
Jan Rychlík: African Cycle - 2 movements (1961)
John Cage: Concert for Piano and Orchestra (1958)
                      Atlas Eclipticalis (1961)
                      Winter Music (1957)

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