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The Finale of Ostrava Days 2021. Festival of Infinite Durations and Inexhaustible Inspiration

11th biennial Ostrava Days will close on Saturday (August 28) evening. There are 6 more concerts on its program. Bizarre instruments (sixth-note harmonium, gongs immersed in water, amplified fanfrnoch or a saw used as a musical instrument), virtuoso solos of Johannes Wieners (countertenor), Miroslav Beinhauer (harmonium), Ondřej Vrabec (horn), Tamás Pálfalvi (trumpet). The participation of a guest ensemble from Tallinn, Czech-Slovakian Dystopic Requiem Quartet or Prague Philharmonia under the baton of Roland Kluttig. The last two days of the 10-day festival of the music of today, offering concerts of infinite durations and inexhaustible inspiration: Czech and world premieres of sensitive observers of the present world. And the first concert on air: Today at 8 pm, Czech Radio Vltava will broadcast the recording from the orchestral opening.

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Music of Today Met with Great Interest. Six More Days to come at Ostrava Days!

Since its opening this year, the festival is enjoying high visitor rates, with great interest in the concerts of contemporary music especially from young audiences. After the triple concert at the BrickHouse in the premises of Hlubina Coal Mine (08/19), the Long Night with an 18-hour program running simultaneously on several scenes (08/20-21), Minimarathon of Electronic Music (08/21) and yesterday’s great orchestral opening at Triple Hall Karolina, the Ostrava Days festival continues in the following days until Saturday August 28 (included). Triple Hall Karolina, Cathedral of the Divine Saviour, Brickouse of the Hlubina Coal Mine, Jiří Myron Theatre or the Janáček Conservatory Ostrava: venues for orchestras, ensembles, solos, choirs and even electronics. Ostravská banda as well as Prague Philharmonia, the Brno BCO ensemble as well as musicians from Talinn. Canticum Ostrava or Dystopic Requiem Quartet: 12 more concert events yet to come!

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Music of today in full blast!!! From August 19 to 28 at Ostrava Days

The festival opening “Start” on Thursday at the Hlubina Coal Mine featuring three concerts/performances in one evening. The Long Night: an 18-hour marathon of music, including FLUXUS happenings or generative opera starting on Friday in the premises of the Jiří Myron Theatre (followed by a Saturday brunch) – On Saturday afternoon, Minimarathon of electronic music will kick off at the Gallery of Fine Arts Ostrava and will last until midnight – the great orchestral opening on Sunday at the Triple Hall Karolina and the international symphonic orchestra ONO in five compositions of contemporary composers who will be present. These are but the first four days of the Ostrava Days festival which continues in the next week in the center of Ostrava, with daily concerts lasting several hours.

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Ostrava Days 2021. Music of the 21st century

Ostrava, May 25, 2021 ••• From 19 to 28 August, 2021 the Ostrava Days Festival will present the music of today in all its breadth and diversity and celebrate 20 years from the first biennial which took place in 2001. The festival is based on direct participation of composers and performers from the Czech Republic and from abroad; informal atmosphere between the performers, guest composers and the audienceparticipation of approximately 200 musicians from Europe and the USA, who work together for 2 weeks in Ostravaon a ten-day showcase of contemporary music with an emphasis on world and Czech premieres; on the participation of orchestras, ensembles, soloists, choir; on a rich programme of concerts, marathons, happenings, one opera and site-specific projects. The festival is preceded by and closely connected with the Ostrava Days Institute for young composers. 

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All setOstrava Days starting in 14 days

Ostrava, 5 August – Soon, around 200 hundred musicians will converge on Ostrava. They will all participate in the biennial of one of the biggest festivals devoted to the questions, problems and concepts of contemporary music. In what terms do young composers from Europe, America or Asia think about music today? What music worlds will be presented by the most experienced composers and performers of achieved world renown by their releases on leading labels, working at prestigious universities an (above all) by creating original, authentic works of music? What iconic works of avant-garde from the past will the festival revive this year? You will find answers to these and many other questions in the course of 10 festival days from 19-28 August in many places in Ostrava – from Triple Hall Karolina, Jiří Myron Theatre, Cathedral of the Divine Saviour all the way to BrickHouse in the Lower Vítkovice Area. In all these venues, you will have the opportunity to encounter great orchestral compositions, choir, chamber as well as electronic music, site-specific performances or works of the Fluxus movement.

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