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Kurt Gottschalk about Ostrava Days 2015 Institute


January 31, 2016New York internet magazine for classical music EXCLUSIVE: Students, Teaching –Kurt Gottschalk at Ostrava Days 2015 [REVIEW] Besi... View article

Small Ensemble, Big Thinking


Ostrava, a smallish Czech city of some 300,000 people about 10 kilometers from the Polish border, hosts the biennial Ostrava Days, a small festival, itself, but with audiences usually numbering a couple hundred. Both city and fest think big. In recent years, Ostrava has seen a remarkable amount of d... View article

Classicalite: Orchestral Maneuvers in the Czech - Kurt Gottschalk at Ostrava Days 2015


While the biannual Ostrava Days in the Czech Republic features, primarily, a wide array of post-1950 solo and small ensemble pieces, it is, at its heart, a symphonic endeavor--founded and curated by Czech composer/conductor Petr Kotik. Over the course of nine expansive nights in August, running this... View article



Ostrava appears on a map in my guide book to the Czech Republic, but there ss nothing else there on the city: no story, no sights to see, not even a mention of its population or its reputation. Ostrava sits near the far east end of the eastern province of Moravia, and the closest notable destination... View article

Modern Merriment in Ostrava


How often does one see the composer of a symphonic work sitting in with the orchestra on saxophone for the première? This was by no means the most unusual moment of the Ostrava Days New and Experimental Music Festival, which wrapped with a razor-sharp performance by the hometown orchestra, the Janáč... View article

Ostrava Days 2015 presents new & experimental music


North Moravia will present some rare pieces in its biennial music festival The biennial Ostrava Days New & Experimental Music Festival kicks off Aug. 21 with an unusually impressive list of premieres, and homages to some of the most influential 20th and early 21st century composers. Prague Pos... View article



Have you seen the documentary movie about Ostrava Days 2013? Check out our 30-minute long documentary movie about Ostrava Days 2013 by Tomáš Pavelek at View article

New Music Box: Ostrava 2013


If I might be permitted to adulterate a bit of Emily Dickinson, the 2013 edition of the Ostrava Days festival opened twice before its opening. (In addition to hosting a weeklong institute for student composers and two other evenings of composition and improvisation, all before the official Philharmonic Hall opening night.) View article

Neue Zeitschrift für Musik: Eine Grosse Nachtmusik


Eine Grosse Nachtmusik Neue Zeitschrift für MusikThomas Wolkinger... View article

Cultured Cleveland: Season Openers


That was no surprise in Ostrava, an industrial city in the northeast corner of the country that bears more than a passing resemblance to Cleveland, with abandoned factories dotting the landscape. Every two years, the city hosts one of the best modern music events in Europe – Ostrava Days, a gathering of students, players and composers modeled after Darmstadt. View article Ostrava Days Festival, Czech Republic


Search for Ostrava in any guide book to the Czech Republic and you won’t find it. And the city's Wikipedia page isn’t very encouraging either, focusing mainly on the city's heavy industry and its role as the region's administrative centre. View article

Hospodářské noviny: Ostrava Days


Petr Kotík sat in the conductor’s room at Philharmonic Hall midweek during the Ostrava Days festival looking relaxed and happy. “It’s been going very well,” he said. “All the concerts have been successful.” View article

Prague Post: Philip Glass to play five-hour concert in Ostrava


The modernist composer Philip Glass appears next week in Ostrava with his nine-member ensemble for a rare performance of a seminal piece for the opening concert of the Ostrava Days Festival 2013. The Philip Glass Ensemble's performance of Music in Twelve Parts promises to be a five-hour affair, though this includes an hour break for dinner midway. View article

Neue Zeitschrift für Musik: Ostrava Days 2011


Ostrava Days 2011 Neue Zeitschrift für MusikBastian Zimmermann... View article

The Wire: Ostrava Days 2011


Ostrava Music DaysOstrava, Czech Republic, various venues The Music Days, which composer and conductor Petr Kotík has run since 2001, must be the most ambitious contemporary composition event in Eastern Europe. Against the contemporary composition grain, programmes are long, but Kotík knows how muc... View article

International Piano: Ostrava Days Festival


Ostrava Days Festival Morton Feldman Concert 28 August – 3 September Petr Kotiks Ostrava Days Festival has always demonstrated a liberal attitude to contemporary music. Where Morton Feldmans work has featured, the pianist has often been Joseph Kubera (pictured), one of the composers collaborators. ... View article

Seen and Heard International: Ambitious Closing Concert


Walker, Padovani, Niblock, Rihm, Lang, Ustvolskaya: Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra, Ostravská Banda, JACK Quartet, Alexandr Vovk (baritone), Joseph Kubera (piano), Petr Kotik (conductor), Ondrej Vrabec (conductor), Barbara Kler (conductor), Philharmonic Hall, Ostrava, Czech Republic, 03.09.2011 ... View article

Seen and Heard International: Student Compositions Performed with Mixed Results


Czech Republic Ostrava Days (6): Smith, Feery, Peszat, Sturalova, Ryczek: Conrad Harris (violin), Theo Nabicht (bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet), Thomas Verchot (trumpet), Zuzana Biscakova (piano), Chris Nappi (percussion), Ostravaská Banda String Quartet, Janacek Conservatory, Ostrava, Czech Rep... View article

Financial Times Review


Gritty, diverse and just a bit dangerous: so might one describe the programming tactics at Ostrava Days, a biennial festival of new and experimental music. The same has been said of its location. Before the collapse of the Iron Curtain, Ostrava was a coal mining and steelmaking city with an infrastr... View article

Seen and Heard International: Promises of intriguing program delivers dullness and disappointment


September 7, 2011 Czech Republic Ostrava Days (4): Massobrio, De Bièvre, Ames, Polansky, Hiller, Sievers: ZWERM, Ostravská Banda String Quartet, Jeroen Stevens (percussion), Jutta Troch (harp), Larry Polansky (guitar), Péter Balog (guitar), Philharmonic Hall, Ostrava, Czech Republic. Alessandro M... View article

Seen and Heard International: JACK Quartet both consummate and luminous


Czech Republic Ostrava Days 2011 (5): Xenakis, Tornyai, Balogh, Sharp, Radulescu: JACK Quartet, Philharmonic Hall, Ostrava, Czech Republic 02.09.2011 (GG) Iannis Xenakis: Ergma Péter Tornyai: doubleaf; Sequenza Prima Maté Gergely Balogh: C-o-n-s-u-m-m-a-t-u-m e-s-t Péter Tornyai: doubleaf: Sequenza... View article