The Brooklyn Rail: What Are They To You?

Publikováno: 6.10.2017

For every culture there is a counter, in every niche there are yet further discrete splinters, internal disputes that boil down to who has the purest values. Then there are the rare instances of individuals who are cultures solely of themselves, who are sympathetic to this group or that, but who ultimately never conform to anything except their own view of things. Whitman was one. He might be the first counter-cultural figure, a culture of one, outside and therefore against all others. “Vivas to those who have faild!” he sang. The composer Fred Rzewski used those lines as a dedication in his latest work for the piano, Songs of Insurrection. Rzewski wrote it for Daan Vandewalle, who premiered it in April, and I heard him play two movements from it last month at the biannual Ostrava Days festival of new and experimental music in the Czech Republic. >>>

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