Brooklyn Rail: Chaya Czernowin with Ondrej Vesely

Publikováno: 6.3.2020

In the March issue of Brooklyn Rail, an interview with Chaya Czernowin was released. Contucted by Ondrej Vesely, the interview took place in Ostrava during last August at the 10th biennial of Ostrava Days Festival where Czernowin participated also as one of the Institute's lectors.

Czernowin also describes the festival itself: "It is craziness and like with every craziness, it is good that it exists! It is a small miracle brought to life by Petr Kotik and Renata Spisarova. It's so important to have such occasions where you can listen to rare pieces of the American experimental tradition and its European offshoots."

The article can be found here >>>



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