Cultured Cleveland: Season Openers

Publikováno: 29.9.2013

A slave to the European sound, Mr. Culture started the new season in the Czech Republic, where two festivals, an opera premiere and a Baroque ensemble offered an enticing taste of the Old World. As it turned out, many of the flavors proved to be distinctly modern. That was no surprise in Ostrava, an industrial city in the northeast corner of the country that bears more than a passing resemblance to Cleveland, with abandoned factories dotting the landscape. Every two years, the city hosts one of the best modern music events in Europe – Ostrava Days, a gathering of students, players and composers modeled after Darmstadt. Led by Petr Kotík, a Czech expat who became part of the downtown scene in New York, the festival brought together an international group of 35 students and composers like Carola Bauckholt and Christian Wolff for two weeks of workshops before unleashing 10 days of performances.  >>>

Cultured Cleveland
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