The Long Night: 18 hours - 1080 Minutes

23.8.2019, 17:00-12:00, Jiří Myron Theatre


17:00              Square Msgr. Šrámka
                       Dieter Schnebel: Harley Davidson (2000)
                       • Harley-Davidson bikers
                       • Members of Ostravská banda
                       • Steffi Weismann, realization

17:30              Theatre Foyer
                       Julius Eastman: Crazy Nigger (1979)
                       • Joseph Kubera, Daan Vandewalle, Alexandr Starý, Miroslav Beinhauer, Pianos

18:40              Theatre Hall
                       Klaas de Vries: Stringed (2018)
                       • DoelenKwartet
                       • Jan Rokyta, Cimbalom

19:40              Theatre "12"
                       Alois Hába: Suite for Cimbalom (1960)
                       • Daniel Skála, Cimbalom

                       Peter Eötvös: Psy (1996)
                       • Malgorzata Hlawsa, Flute
                       • Daniel Skála, Cimbalom
                       • Juho Laitinen, Violoncello

                       Alexander Held*: Perpetual Motion (2018)
                       • Žaneta Vítová, Accordion

                       Luciano Berio: Sequenza XIVb (arr. Stefano Scodanibbio, 2002-04)
                       • František Výrostko, Contrabass

                       Robert Stricklin*: Iphigenia (2018)
                       • Stephanie Liedtke, Bassoon

                       Miro Tóth: Havířov (2014, rev. 2019)
                       • Andrej Gál, Violoncello
                       Horatiu Radulescu: Immersed in the Wonder (1996)
                       • Juho Laitinen, Violoncello

21:50              Theatre Hall
                       Peter Ablinger: In G (2009-16)
                       • Matthias Lorenz, Violoncello and Electronics

                       Benjamin Patterson: Variations for String Bass (1961)
                       • James Ilgenfritz, Contrabass

                       La Monte Young: Composition 1960 #7 (1960)
                       • ONO / Ostrava New Orchestra

23:30             Theatre Foyer
                      Petr Kotík: The Plains at Gordium (2014)
                      • 6 percussionists of Ostravská banda and ONO / Ostrava New Orchestra

00:30              Theatre Hall
                       Elliott Sharp: Sylva Sylvarum (2014)
                       • Gareth L. Davis, Bass Clarinet

01:05              Theatre Foyer
                       Jon Myers*: Articulation (2018)
                       • 8 percussionists of Ostravská banda and ONO / Ostrava New Orchestra

                       Danni Song*: A Wander in Differences (2018)
                       • Alexandr Starý, Miroslav Beinhauer, Piano

01:30              Theatre Hall
                       Robert Ashley: El Aficionado & Atalanta
                       • Thomas Buckner, Voice and Electronics

                       Nikolaus Schlierf: Evolution (2019)
                       • Nikolaus Schlierf, Viola and Electronics

02:25              Theatre Foyer
                       Alvin Curran: Inner Cities (1993-2005)
                       • Daan Vandewalle, Piano

06:30              Theatre Hall
                       Morton Feldman: For Philip Guston (1984)
                       • S.E.M. Ensemble

11:30              Ostravice river bank, under the Miloš Sýkora Bridge
                       Theo Finkel*: Super-Ostrawitza (2019)
                       • members of Ostravská banda   

BRUNCH + Q&A with composers and musicians at Club DOCK

*residents of Ostrava Days 2019 Institute

There is a long history of extended performances in music and theatre. To mention a few such recent performances: Robert Wilson’s 12-hour opera productions, as well as many five to six-hour long compositions by La Monte Young, Philip Glass, Petr Kotík and Morton Feldman (incidentally, Feldman’s five-hour long For Philip Guston will be performed by New York’s S.E.M. Ensemble at the festival). The closing event of Berlin’s MaerzMusik Festival, “The Long Now” (30+hours long) is another example. In Ostrava, as in Berlin, there will be folding beds and refreshments available for the entire 18-hour “The Long Night” event. It will be organized in cooperation with the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre, and will take place in the newly reconstructed Jiří Myron Theatre. From Friday afternoon until Saturday morning, the audience will be free to roam through the individual halls, foyer, restaurants and cafés while listening, eating, dreaming. “The Long Night” will begin outdoors, where Steffi Weismann will direct German composer Dieter Schnebel’s piece Harley Davidson (for nine riders on Harley-Davidson motorcycles, with musical accompaniment). “The Long Night” will conclude on the banks of the river Ostravice, located on the border of the Moravian and Silesian parts of Ostrava, with Theo Finkel’s composition Ostrawitza. To mention a few compositions of “The Long Night”: a four-hour excerpt from Alvin Curran’s Inner Cities for piano, performed by Daan Vandewalle, and Julius Eastman’s Crazy Nigger for four pianos.

The S.E.M. Ensemble's performance of Morton Feldman's For Philip Guston at Ostrava Days 2019 is supported by Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation through USArtists International in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. 

Subject to change.



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