From Vienna

28.8.2019, 18:30, BrickHouse, Hlubina Coal Mine


Studio Dan

Daniel Riegler, Director

Christoph Walder: vozmozhnost (1967)
Mirela Ivičević: The F SonG (2014)
Oxana Omelchuk: wow and flutter (2017)
Jee Won Kim*: Who Am I? (2017)

*residents of the Ostrava Days 2019 Institute

Vienna’s Studio Dan will perform a broad stylistic mixture of works by young European composers. The Belarussian, Cologne-based composer Oxana Omelchuk’s piece wow and flutter,for two solo trombones will feature trombonist Matthias Muche and Studio Dan founder Daniel Riegler, backed by the ensemble. Other pieces by composers from the Viennese scene (Mirela Ivičević, Christoph Walder) will showcase Studio Dan’s extraordinary skills and interpretive strengths, especially in their alternation between improvisation and precise rendering of a score (Daniel Riegler labels this technique “comprovised music"). In addition, Studio Dan will perform one chamber music piece written by a participant of the Ostrava Days Institute Jee Won Kim.

Subject to change.




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