Last Call

31.8.2019, 15:00, Janáček Conservatory in Ostrava


Ostravská banda

Lilianna Krych, Conductor

Kimberley Farris-Manning*: almost touching (2019)
Michael Gancz*: Johnny Brook Sits on the Roof (2019)
David Zuckerman*: Fissao (2019)
Amin Sharifi*: new composition (2019) WP
Leo Chang*: Respond to Troy: Variation I (2017)
Edgars Rubenis*: A Particular Window (2019)

WP = world premiere
*residents of the Ostrava Days 2019 Institute

The matinee concert on the last day of the festival will take place at the Janáček conservatory in Ostrava, which has served as Ostrava Days’ organizational hub since 2001. The Last Call program will present chamber compositions by residents of Ostrava Days Institute, many of them world premieres. The students come from various parts of the world: Canada, the US, Europe and Asia. The concert will showcase an unpredictable mix of authors and performers blending influences, opinions and concepts, bringing up questions such as: To what extent does the trend of globalization impact art? What new horizons are left? What are the interests of the coming generation of composers, and how do these composers cope with the achievements of prior generations of composers? These emerging composers will work with members of Ostrasvká banda to attempt to answer these questions.

Subject to change.



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