Ostravska banda II

30.8.2019, 19:00, Triple Hall Karolina


Ostravská banda
Hana Kotková, Violin
Daan Vandewalle, Piano
Petr Kotík, Bruno Ferrandis, Peter Rundel, Conductors

Miroslav Srnka: Eighteen Agents (2012)
James Falzone*: Punctuated Equilibrium (2018)
Petr Kotík: Wednesday at RW on Spring Street (2019) WP
Matt Simon*: Found Objects (2015)
Frederic Rzewski: A Dog's Life (2014)

WP = world premiere
*residents of Ostrava Days 2019 Institute

Similarly to Ostravská banda’s first concert (on August 26), this program mixes compositions of young residents of Ostrava Days with the music of established composers (Frederic Rzewski, Miroslav Srnka, Petr Kotík). Kotík and Rzewski have maintained a close professional and personal relationship since the early 60’s. Rzewski’s 2014 piano concerto A Dog’s Life was inspired by Franz Kafka’s short story Investigations of a Dog. A new composition by Petr Kotík for violin and ensemble, written specifically for Hana Kotková, will also be premiered. Miroslav Srnka’s music has been performed by Ostravská banda since 2007. We are pleased to see the growing presence of Miroslav Srnka’s music on the Czech scene. Eighteen Agents (2012), a virtuoso composition for strings by Srnka, will have its Czech premiere at this concert. 

Subject to change.



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