Voices in the Cathedral II

27.8.2019, 21:30, Cathedral of the Divine Saviour


ONO / Ostrava New Orchestra
Ostravská banda
Canticum Ostrava and guests
Jurij Galatenko, Choirmaster
Petr Kotík, Conductor

Yves Klein: Symphonie - "Monotone-SIlence" (1960)

Yves Klein can be considered one of the first conceptual artists. According to the French composer Éliane Radigue, Klein came up with the idea for Symphonie –“Monotone-Silence”on a summer night with Radigue and the French artist Arman on a beach in South France (Klein and Arman were natives of Nice). The three of them – based on what Ms. Radigue told Petr Kotík in 2016, when he was preparing for a performance of this composition – experimented with their voices that night, attempting to produce a drone. Ms. Radigue then suggested a major triad (she was the only one of the three with a music education). Klein later remarked that it was during this period (1947–1948) that his concept of the Monotone Symphony was born, which, according to him “...expresses exactly what [he has] been striving hard to accomplish all [his] life.” Yves Klein is known as a pioneer who influenced pop and minimal art. His Symphonie - “Monotone-Silence”offers a remarkable experience, which can only be fully appreciated in a live performance. Tuesday, August 27, will be the Czech premiere.



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