The Past

22.8.2019, 18:00, BrickHouse, Hlubina Coal Mine

Ensemble OD2019
Juho Laitinen, Voice

Terry Riley: In C (1964)
Robert Ashley: The Wolfman (1964)


The opening event of the festival will take place in a fitting setting: the newly renovated premises of the Hlubina Mine in the Dolní Vítkovice area. The 6pm concert presents important works from the year 1964. Composers Terry Riley and Robert Ashley had a fundamental influence on two generations of composers and musicians and inspired an entirely new way of making and listening to music. This music from 1964 (!), which, for Ostrava Days is a look into the past, would be a daring step into the future for most other Czech festivals. A glimpse of the future is offered in the second concert (The Coming) of the evening at 8pm, which presents compositions of student-residents – emerging composers who are part of the Ostrava Days Institute – as well as works by two well-known composers from Berlin: Steffi Weismann and Peter Ablinger.



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