Minimarathon of Electronic Music

21.8.2021, 16:00–23:00, Gallery of Fine Arts


16:00 • 
Petr Válek: The Vap Noise
• Petr Válek

17:30 • 
Tibor Szemző: Villa Tatra, The Gull, Tractatus
• Tibor Szemzö, FAMA Quartet

19:00 • 
Karel Ančerl: Suite for a Quarter-Tone Piano
Charles Ives: Three Quarter-Tone Pieces
Ivan Wyschnegradski: 24 Préludes im Vierteltonsystem, op. 22 (výběr)
• Jan Dušek, Pavel Duda - synthesizers

20:30 •
Steve Reich: Different Trains, Violin Phase, Piano Phase
• David Danel - violin, Michal Nejtek and Roman Pallas - synthesizers, FAMA Quartet

22:00 •
Svobodná místa
texts: Pavel Zajíček, music: Ivan Acher / Michal Nejtek
• Ivan Acher - sampler, Ivan Bierhanzl - el. bass, Michal Nejtek - synthesizer, Ivan Manolov - el. guitar, Tereza Marečková - voice

/// curator: Ivan Bierhanzl / organizer: Bludný kámen, z.s. in cooperation with Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava and Ostrava Center for New Music / financially supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic

What is electronic music? Stockhausen, Kraftwerk, Prodigy or Brian Eno? A single performer sitting alone on a stage with a martyred expression worthy of a Beethoven symphony? This year’s Minimarathon of Electronic Music will present LIVE music generated by a diverse set of electronic sources in five thematic blocks. Here is a sample of the variety of electronic music that will be performed: the sound objects and kinetic machines of Petr Válek, created from found and recycled materials; pre-recorded audio tracks such as those used by Tibor Szemző and Steve Reich in their compositions; digital quarter-tone pianos of the Cluster Ensemble from Bratislava; the guitar effects of Ivan Manolov, sampler of Ivan Acher and synthesizer of Michal Nejtek in their project Svobodná místa (Sites of Freedom), set to the texts of Pavel Zajíček (Dg307). In all of these, electronics play a vital role and become an integral part of each composition.




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