Orchestra Opening

22.8.2021, 18:00, Triple Hall Karolina


Ostravská banda
Members of ONO – Ostrava New Orchestra
Hana Kotková, violin
Jiří Havrlant, cembalo
Daniel Skála, cimbalom
Lucie Vítková, accordion
Daan Vandewalle, piano
Alexandr Starý, piano
Kristýna Švihálková, percussion
Jan Nepodal, percussion
Anežka Nováková, percussion
Irena Troupová, soprano
Petr Kotík, Jiří Rožeň, Ondřej Vrabec, conductors

Lucie Vítková: Environment (2021) WP
Todd Tarantino: Then I Awoke Again (2009-20) WP
Christian Wolff: Invisible Terrain (2020) WP
Petr Kotík: Fragment (1998) 
František Chaloupka: Darwin Among The Machines (2021) WP

WP = World Premiere


Chiyoko Szlavnics: Interior Landscape IIA (2010)

From the 20th Century to today, new and experimental music has often found itself isolated from large orchestral ensembles, with large works presented only sporadically. One of the most important aspects of the Ostrava Days festival is its attempt to establish a new dialogue between composers of contemporary music and orchestras. At this concert, you will hear orchestral compositions by two young and distinct Czech composers: Allegory of the Cave by František Chaloupka, and a new composition by Lucie Vítková. It is worth mentioning that both of these composers have attended the OD Institute in the past. The legendary artist and member of the New York school Christian Wolff has been regularly collaborating with the Ostrava Days Institute and Festival since its beginnings in 2001. This year, too, he wrote a new composition for the festival, the solo part of which will be performed by violinist Hana Kotková. Petr Kotík's Fragment will be performed for the first time since 2009. The first orchestral concert will be complemented by compositions from residents Todd Tarantino and Caroline Bordignon.




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