Brooklyn Rail: Cage at 100

Publikováno: 3.9.2012

If you surveyed the concert programs of orchestras, opera companies, and chamber music ensembles across the country, then sorted the statistics, you would think that the center of gravity in classical music was slowly rotating through Central Europe—with occasional vacations to France, Italy, and Russia—as it did from the early 18th to early 20th centuries. But statistics can lie—or in this case they can appear to be measuring quality and aesthetic importance when all they’re really showing is quantity, measured by what administrators think can sell tickets. Drill down by region, parse individual years and seasons, and you’ll find that in New York this year one of the leading names on concert programs is John Cage. If you’re an administrator, that’s a sentimental choice: Cage was born 100 years ago this month, and what better reason to honor his name for a season? >>>

Brooklyn Rail
George Grella



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