Wilder Shores of Music

Publikováno: 14.4.2011

Petr Kotik is not a household name. But he wears as many elegant hats in the field of contemporary music as Ginger Rogers wore in the field of 1930’s musicals.  Not in order of importance, but Mr. Kotik is Founder, Director and Artistic Director of New York’s S.E.M. Ensemble, Artistic Director of the Czech Republic’s Ostrava Center for New Music, a brilliant conductor (more on that later), and a composer of note. In fact, the first work on this all-modern music program, was a fascinating work by Mr. Kotik. He didn’t conduct the three percussionists with their huge battery of instruments, and he wrote that he was influenced here by John Cage. But one had to connect him with Iannis Xenakis, whose own numerous pieces for percussion are equally transparent and graphic. >>>
Harry Rolnick



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