NODO 2022: Contemporary Opera Festival in Ostrava – Tickets Available!

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NODO 2022

eight performances in six days
czech and world premieres
June 25–30, Ostrava

Ostrava, April 14, 2022 – Here come the latest news about the program of this year’s NODO; festival passes and tickets for individual shows are already on sale! The 6th NODO biennial will feature both full-length contemporary operas and new, genre-bending experimental performances by composers ranging from avant-garde “classics” to exponents of the youngest generation:  Salvatore Sciarrino, Luigi Nono, Petr Kotík, Matouš Hejl, Miroslav Tóth, Judith Berkson, James Layton and Lucie Páchová. Ostrava will welcome singers from both USA and Europe; creative teams from Poland, Germany, Slovakia and the Czech Republic will join forces with Yurii Galatenko’s Canticum Ostrava choir and two orchestras, Ostravská banda and ONO – Ostrava New Orchestra. The festival, organized in partnership with The National Moravian-Silesian Theater and – for the first time this year – Conservatorio di Musica di Vicenza “Arrigo Pedrollo”, will take place at various venues including both National Moravian-Silesian Theater’s buildings.

On Saturday, June 25, the festival will open with Superflumina (2010) by Italian composer Salvatore Sciarrino, an alarming monologue in which A Homeless Woman who lives at a train-station meditates upon her fate and crushing loneliness among throngs of people. Scenes from a life dependent on the surrounding flow and the kindness of strangers. A situation we witness daily. The performance stars Sciarrino’s opera singer of choice, his muse Anna Radziejewska, as Woman.

Matouš Hejl, young Czech composer, makes his opera debut on Sunday, June 26, in collaboration with JEDL theater company and Jan Nebeský, a prominent theater director. His piece is an opera rendering of a play by the Norse playwright Henrik Ibsen. Lucie Trmíková, who stars in the performance and also wrote the libretto, notes: “Ibsen’s female protagonists are perfectly formed characters, often antiheroes. When I take stock of them, I see women who desire love and truth, even at a cost of great sacrifice. They never take the wider, easier path. They’re intense, often insufferable. They’re often wrong. They struggle a lot. I feel Ibsen is totally contemporary in this.”

Monday, June 27 will offer the first stage (as opposed to concert) performance of Petr Kotík’s monumental, six-hour piece Many Many Women (1975–78). This vocal-instrumental composition is a musical rendering of a novel/short story by Gertrude Stein, who has already provided inspiration for several pieces by the composer and Ostrava Center for New Music founder. This unique performance of his opus magnum by singers from New York and Graz marks Kotík’s 80th birthday.

Tuesday, June 28 will introduce three chamber operas by young composers, commissioned by NODO on the behest of The National Moravian-Silesian Theater’s director Jiří Nekvasil. The evening will feature music by US composer Judith Berkson (Partial Memories) UK composer James Layton (saudade) and Czech Brno-based composer and performer Lucie Páchová (Approximate). Even though each work has been composed independently, all three touch upon matters of memory and the perception of reality.

Wednesday evening will take place in Palkovice Ski Resort near Ostrava and feature the world premiere of Nulanus, an experimental opera by Slovakian composer Miroslav Tóth, further exploring the themes of artificial intelligence, extraterrestrial life or the future of our civilization.

The festival will close with Luigi Nono’s crucial piece Prometeo. Tragedia dell’ascolto – a composition about seeking, a journey of exploration that sets forth to interrogate the essence of sound, its movement in space, our very being and our purpose in this world. The monumental work is based on the Promethean myth and is considered a pinnacle of post-war opera. It is crucially shaped by live electronics that turn it into a spatial experience: the precise placement of several orchestras, choirs, narrators and singers gains utmost importance. In cooperation with our Italian colleagues, we’re preparing this Czech premiere of Nono’s Prometeo for Triple Hall Karolina’s roofed square in the heart of Ostrava, to take place on Thursday, June 30.

Please see attachment for further details about the program.

Festival passes and tickets for NODO 2022.

Tickets on sale at, starting April 4, 2022.

FESTIVAL PASS: CZK 1200 / 800 * (get it here)
SINGLE TICKET (no discount): CZK 300

25. 6. | Superflumina
26. 6. | Opera Ibsen / Ghosts
27. 6. | Many Many Women
28. 6. | Partial Memories + saudade + Approximate
29. 6. | Nulanus (FREE ENTRY)
30. 6. | Prometeo. Tragedia dell’ascolto

* Discount for ISIC / ITIC holder’s (students, pedagogues), ZTP/P (severe disability card) holders and the elderly only applies to the Festival Pass, which grants entry to all the festival events.

NODO / New Opera Days Ostrava supporters include the City of Ostrava, Czech Ministry of Culture, the Moravian-Silesian Region, Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation, Czech-German Fund for the Future and other institutions, foundations, companies and individuals. We would like to thank Libor and Veronika Winkler and Martin Vohánek for their long-term generous support.

Czech Radio’s Vltava station is the festival’s principal media partner.

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