The NODO Festival Presents Monument of Contemporary Music Theater. Luigi Nono: Prometeo

Publikováno: 25.5.2022

The biennial festival NODO 2022 / New Opera Days Ostrava presents eight world and Czech premieres of musical theater. The festival will open with the opera Superflumina by Salvatore Sciarrino. It's libretto is based on a novel by Elizabeth Smart and deals with issues of homelessness, loneliness and abandonment. The protagonist of is a homeless woman, who becomes lost and suffers through a painful night. The leading role will be sung by the mezzosoprano Anna Radziejewska, Sciarrino's frequent collaborator, who excelled at NODO 2018 in the opera Luci mie traditrici by Sciarrino.

NODO 2022 includes seven additional productions, and will culminate with the performance of Luigi Nono’s PrometeoThe Tragedy of Listening. This monumental composition by the most significant and influential Italian composer of the 20th century includes four orchestras with two conductors, a choir, scores of instrumental and vocal soloists, narrators and extensive electronics. Performed on eight differently elevated stages, Prometeo will take place in the majestic space of the Triple-Hall Karolina, located in the center of Ostrava. 

NODO 2022 will also include a performance of the complete Many Many Women by Petr Kotík – a magnum opus from 1975–78 – an uninterrupted six-hours of music, based on a text by Gertrude Stein (a short story from 1910). Many Many Women will be staged for the first time, under the direction of Jo Fabian from Berlin, who will also create the stage design and lighting.  

The content of the festival’s program is characteristic of the way Ostrava Center for New Music designs its festivals: masterpieces and works by well-established composers are presented shoulder-to-shoulder with works by young and emerging artists. Alongside Sciarrino, Nono and Kotik, there will be premieres of operas by Matouš Hejl from Prague, Judith Berkson from New York, James Layton from London, Lucie Páchováfrom Brno, and Miroslav Tóth from Bratislava. 

You can find the detailed program here:

Neither Many Many Women, nor Prometeo would fit a common description of an "opera." Nono's initial concept was developed in collaboration with the Venetian artist Emilio Vedova and the (then young) architect Renzo Piano from Milan and was meant to be true music theater. The work on the piece evolved organically, and all aspects considered unnecessary were gradually eliminated. The end result became a work of non-dramatic theater, bordering on a concert performance. Nevertheless, Prometeo (1985) is generally considered to be one of the highlights of music theater of the late 20th century. Kotík's Many Many Women comes from an altogether different direction: initially, it was created as a purely concert piece, while the present production is being developed – in collaboration with Jo Fabian – as a work of music theater. While Many Many Women will be performed on the large, modern stage of the Jiří Myron Theater (technically upgraded in 2021 – courtesy of the City of Ostrava), Prometeo will be staged at the Triple Hall Karolina – a giant post-industrial space, very close in looks to the Milan steel factory hall that housed its premiere of the final version in 1985. Prometeo will be staged under the direction of the team of the National Moravian-Silesian Theater, Jiří Nekvasil, director, David Bazika, stage designer, with the support of the technical team under the direction of Otakar Mlčoch.

This year's NODO includes composers, soloists, musicians, artists and teams of performers from the Czech Republic, England, Spain, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Norway, Iceland, Slovakia, Slovenia, and United States. 

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June 25 | Superflumina / Sciarrino

June 26 | Ghosts / Hejl

June 27 | Many Many Women / Kotik

June 28 | Partial Memories + saudade + Approximate / Berkson - Layton - Páchová

June 29 | Nulanus (opera performance on a ski slope lift) / Tóth (FREE ADMISSION)

June 30 | Prometeo. Tragedia dell’ascolto / Nono

* We provide a discount to holders of ISIC / ITIC cards (students, teachers), ZTP / P and seniors only in the form of a season ticket.

NODO / New Opera Days Ostrava is supported by the City of Ostrava, the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the Government of Moravian-Silesian Region, Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation, the Czech-German Fund for the Future and other sectors, among others. Special thanks to Veronica and Libor Winkler, Hana and Martin Vohánka, Virginia Dwan, Noni Pratt, Rotraut Klein Moquay, and many other individual donors to the Ostrava Center for New Music. The general media partner of the festival is the Czech Radio Vltava, the main media partner is the Czech Television.

The NODO Festival was established in 2012 upon the initiative by Jiří Nekvasil, and since the beginning, it has been organized by the Ostrava Center for New Music in cooperation with the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre.  

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