Many Many Women @ Roulette, NYC, on Sept. 29!

Publikováno: 26.9.2022

Petr Kotík’s monumental, six-hour vocal-instrumental composition Many Many Women (1975–78,) a musical rendering of a novel/short story by Gertrude Stein, who has already provided inspiration for several pieces by the composer, will be performed by members of S.E.M. Ensemble. This unique staged performance of Kotík’s magnum opus by singers from New York and Graz marks the composer’s 80th birthday.

MMW will be performed as an opera – a spectacle without a plot or a story. The score consists of 173 sections across 378 pages. The sections are distributed among all the performers, who shape the piece during the performance, improvising their entrances and creating a musical flow of unpredictable configurations. Despite its open form, MMW is traditionally and exactly notated. The twelve musicians – six singers and six instruments – will perform continuously for six hours.

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Audience members are free to come and go at will for the entire duration of the performance.




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